Team Info

Broomall's Lake Country Club Swim Team

The BLCC Dolphin Swim team originated in 1969.  Coaches, swimmers and parents alike make this team truly special, and we have lots of fun.  The only requirement to join is the ability to swim one length of the pool, freestyle, without stopping.  Our kids range in age from 5-18 years old, and they represent all swim levels, from record holders to beginners.

To become a member of BLCC go to our main website here:

To register for swim team go here: Register for Swim Team
(Registration opens May 1st)

Payment Information

Once you have completed your swimmer's registration(s), and printed your invoice, please remit payment to BLCC c/o PAI Swim Club Services, PO Box 36, Lansdowne, PA 19050.

If you have already paid your annual club membership dues PAI will accept credit card payment for swim team regisration and they will waive all fees.

To pay by credit card call Lori Ricci at 610-626-9500. 

Swim Team Coordinators will not be taking payment.   Any Refunds need to be requested through Iris O'Connor, 610-291-2808, .

Participation in the swim team meets will be dependent on receipt of payment.  Once payment is received, we will activate your swimmer(s) in Team Unify and the coaches will be able to add your swimmer to the lineup.