Our Mission

The mission of Whiteland Hypersonic Swim Club is to provide a competitive swimming program that will develop student athletes by providing high quality training for novice, age group, senior, and elite swimmers. We will do so by emphasizing physical, social, and emotional development in a safe and supportive environment. Whiteland Hypersonic Swim Club is committed to excellence and dedicated to empowering our athletes to be champions in and out of the water.  We will measure success by individual progress, team unity, and family participation.

Our Vision

To challenge and inspire the swimmers of our community to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and in life.

                                                                     Our Team Philosophy

The Whiteland Hypersonic Swim Club program is designed to provide children with an opportunity for self development through a competitive experience. It is the intent of the program that each child experiences a sense of belonging and self-fulfillment through their participation. This program focuses on the development of physical, psychological, and social skills and experiences that will provide each participant with the opportunity to develop according to their desires and abilities.

The physical skills relating to competitive swimming include aerobic endurance, correct stroke technique, start and turn techniques, pacing, correct workout discipline, and safety. Workouts are planned to give each participant a challenging experience providing the appropriate sequence in training and education of the individual.

Our Values

Whiteland Hypersonic Swim Club will strive to

  • Provide a positive, safe and successful environment for all levels of swimming.
  • Make swimming fun and rewarding.
  • Teach our swimmers the importance of self-respect, honor, strong work ethic, honesty, sportsmanship, dedication, responsibility, accountability, healthy lifestyle and athleticism.
  • Train our athletes to achieve their potential regardless of level of competition.
  • Challenge one’s self and each other while developing a sense of pride and team unity.


                                                                              Our Purpose

Competitive swimming is the means by which we strive to achieve meaningful goals and objectives. Our efforts focus on fostering personal growth, enhancing one's self esteem, making new friends, and learning new skills. The principles of good sportsmanship and team unity are stressed.

As a member of the team, the swimmer will learn that swimming is both an individual and team sport, and that the efforts and contributions of each and every member of the team are important. It is our hope that the individual will experience personal growth through his/her dedication to training for himself/herself, and for the team.