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MIRAMONTE SWIM CLUB (MSC Gators) provides youth, ages 4-18, with the opportunity to experience and enjoy recreational swimming in a positive, competitive environment that teaches self-respect and celebrates both individual accomplishments as well as teamwork.

Please view and download our Miramonte Swim Club Handbook.  

Our goals

MSC was organized in the early 1960s to create a public team for Lamorinda youth interested in a competitive recreational swimming program. MSC remains the only public team in the 9-member Orinda Moraga Pools Association (OMPA). Swimming is our main focus and we place a premium on quality coaching. Our current coaching staff has been carefully selected to bring together a group of talented and experienced individuals dedicated to inspiring every swimmer to be the best that they can be. The primary goal of the Miramonte Swim Club is to promote personal development and self-esteem in each swimmer. 

The MSC Board has developed the following guidelines for our program:

  • Provide a balanced program for both "A" and "B" swimmers of all ages.
  • Provide all swimmers with individualized attention, stroke instruction, practice time and rewards.
  • Focus on start, stroke and turn proficiency in all four strokes.
  • Maintain the reputation as a team that provides quality coaching, has great spirit and is the most enjoyable club to belong to.
  • Place an emphasis upon building each swimmer’s self-esteem and to promote team spirit among the coaches, parents and swimmers.
  • Create a social environment that promotes a sense of community and friendship between the parents, coaches and swimmers.
Our philosophy

Work With Every Swimmer
All members of the team, regardless of skill level, should receive personal attention from the coaching staff.
It is important that all swimmers participate and have fun.

Encourage Good Sportsmanship
Encourage respect for oneself - taking responsibility for one’s own behavior and learning.
Encourage respect for one’s teammates - working to become a team member who contributes to the good of the whole team.
Encourage respect for the other team - considering the other team as an essential partner in competition.
Encourage respect for the rules and the officials who uphold them.

Work on Basic Skills and Teach Good Physical Fitness Habits
Teach the skills and concentrate on the basics.
Help swimmers become conscious of the importance of proper techniques, using positive reinforcement whenever possible, rather than criticism.
Demonstrate the importance of good fitness habits, such as warm-up and conditioning exercises.
Talk to swimmers about diet, rest, and involvement in other sports and activities.

Help Swimmers Set and Evaluate Individual Goals
Competing against oneself is perhaps the best way to improve skills.
Help swimmers measure their skills.
Set goals for the future and work to reach those goals.

Keep Winning in Perspective
Winning events or meets is one of the many important goals in sports. Help swimmers and parents become aware of other important goals such as learning skills, improving one’s own personal times, becoming more fit, being a good leader and a good follower, dealing with the emotions of sport, and enjoying oneself. 

Our operations

The MSC Board and coaching staff have been working during the pre-season to put together a program that accomplishes the goals stated above. Beginning today, we need each family’s full participation to ensure the smooth and effective running of the swim club. There are many different jobs to be filled for every meet and many opportunities for creating the positive social community of MSC. Please be creative in applying your unique talents and skills to our club activities. Your efforts contribute directly to your swimmer’s positive experience with the team and you’ll find the investment into our kids to be worthwhile, rewarding and fun! (PS. your kids will be proud of you, too!) 

The MSC Board is an all-volunteer group. It is responsible for the overall operation of the club. Throughout the summer we encourage you to express your concerns as well your appreciation to board members. In the late summer, we nominate members to form a new board for the next year. Become part of the decision making and volunteer. It is fun and you’ll get to know a group of super folks that are committed to their children.


Our rules

Being members of the Miramonte Swim Club, we show respect for:

Each person can be a good citizen and club member.

All adults
Respect coaches and parents. Obey their direction.

Each other
No verbal abuse or profanity.
No physical abuse. No pushing into pool or dunking.

Keep the pool area, restrooms, locker rooms and parking lot clean.
Conserve water; limit showers at the pool to only the time needed.
Clean up.
Adults observe high school rules: no smoking in the pool/locker room areas, and no alcohol on school property.

No running or horseplay around pool or in locker rooms.
No playing on the pool cover reels or diving board.
No swimming in the pool unless a coach has given permission and is present to supervise.

No skates, skateboards, scooters, or bikes in the pool area.

No climbing up on the lifeguard chairs.

When we are guests at other pools, it is just as important to practice these rules of respect and good sportsmanship. All competition should be in the pool!

Our location

All our practices and home meets are at the Miramonte High School Pool, 750 Moraga Way in Orinda, CA (display map). 

Our mailing address is:

Miramonte Swim Club
P.O. Box 401
Moraga, CA 94556

Please visit our contact page to send us email.