About Us

Mission Statement 
At West Coast Aquatics, we strive to create confident, passionate swimmers in a fun and challenging environment. From our swim school to our competitive team, our programs support swimmers of all abilities by setting individual goals and emphasizing self-improvement. West builds community by building confident athletes, whether they compete at the highest level or simply develop lifelong skills.

Coaches' Mission Statement 
To develop elite athletes within an environment that promotes self esteem, the constant pursuit of excellence, and to develop the sense of being part of something larger than themselves.

Our Philosophy
At WEST Coast Aquatics, we take great pride in what we do for our swimmers. Our Coaching staff provides some of the best training available in California. We have the talent and drive that builds nationally ranked swimmers.

Our Coaches know the feeling of accomplishment that comes from achieving a new personal best whether it is getting across the pool or a 200 meter butterfly.

WEST swimmers learn that they have the power within themselves to accomplish their goals. They know that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.