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Our Team Mission

Our mission is to provide the opportunities and means for each athlete to progress to his or her full potential, to instill a dream of excellence, and to promote sportsmanship, responsibility, self-confidence and team unity. We believe that every swimmer is an important part of the team, and that every family’s participation and support is essential to our success.

Our Team Goals

We at the Ripon Sea Lions hope that by joining our team, your child will learn about the best that community athletics has to offer.

Your child will learn the pride and self satisfaction which comes from learning a new skill and improving at it. Your child’s ultimate competitor is him or herself, and swimming boosts self-esteem by showing results and improvements on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.

At the same time, swimming teaches the best about team sports, and what being on a team is all about.   Every race can earn points for a team in a meet, and events like relays bring out speed in swimmers that they themselves didn’t even know they had.

Finally, swimming will give your child the best work out possible, in a no-impact environment.   Swimming builds muscle, and tones the entire body.   And because it happens every day, results are quickly noticeable.

We want every child to achieve personal success while building self confidence in a team sports arena, and are working to make that goal a reality.