About MBSC

Established in 1974, Monterey Bay Swim Club (MBSC) is a non-profit corporation, operated by its membership for our children and families. We believe that swimming is a healthy and enjoyable experience the children will enjoy now and can carry into adulthood.

The financial goal of MBSC is to provide  a quality swimming program at affordable fees, while providing travel opportunities for all swimmers.

MBSC swims at the Monterey Peninsula College under special arrangements with the school’s administration. Practices are up to six days a week with a minimum of two coaches on deck. MBSC supports team entries in many sanctioned swim meets per year. MBSC is an affiliate of Pacific Swimming, a regional administrative body of United States Swimming, the national amateur swimming association that oversees programs all the way to the Olympic Team.

MBSC is also a member of the summer Coast Valley Aquatics League, representing all ten major USS teams from Monterey to Morgan Hill.


Board Members:

Ron Garren (

Mary Hazdovac (

Mark Shelley (

Chris Rodgers (

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For questions please call 831-624-8035 or send us an email using the 'Contact Us' botton on the left