About Us

We are a USA Swimming, Y-USA Swimming, and USMS Swimming registered program. We are a corporately owned, head coach managed and operated program (i.e. no parent board).

Our focus is to accommodate all ages and all levels of swimmers and to help them move forward toward new skills and athletic goals no matter where they are when they come to the team.

We have a fantastic staff of caring and experienced certified coaches who seek to make swimming a fun lifetime skill that develops mind, body and soul. We love to have fun while working hard and competing, so that our swimmers will be self motivated to be both better athletes and better people.

Check out the other sections of the "About Our Team" tab to discover our team's mission and goals, and then go to the "Swim Groups" tab to see the various skill group levels of the team. We also have a wonderful learn to swim program at the YMCA that works in concert with our swim team, so if you are not quite ready for swim team yet we can help you get the skills to get there!