Riverdale Rapids Swim Team (RRST) is a product of several years of unattached coaching. The program (Pre-RRST) evolved from a couple unattached swimmers, who are the children of Bill and Beth McCrary and coached by founder, Brett Hoehn. The program grew to a few close families that also joined Coach Brett as unattached swimmers. As word spread, more swimmers joined this unattached group under the auspices of USA Swimming. The program continued to develop and it became apparent that a formal team must be formed. After several months of paperwork and a couple training classes required by USA Swimming to create a team, the team became official in July 2007. By February 2008, the team had grown to nearly 40 swimmers. In October 2008, the team became a Tennessee Not-For-Profit entity and applied for 501(c)(3) status, a Federal Tax Exempt, Educational, Not-For-Profit organization. The Team's 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt status was awarded in May 2009.

The Shelbyville location was added to our program in July 2015.  Shelbyville is run as an eight to nine month program at the Shelbyville Recreation Center. In the months when RRST is not practicing at the Rec Center they have two options. They can swim with the Shelbyville Sharks summer league program and/or swim with RRST in Murfreesboro during the USA Swimming Long Course Season.

RRST focuses on the child athlete in all aspects including religion, family values, school and of course, swimming. RRST’s founder believes that it is partly the coaches’ responsibility to help develop the program’s children into well rounded, socially adjusted, productive adults. It is equally important that the program be affordable so that any child who wants to swim competitively and has the basic skill set is given the opportunity.

RRST also has a partnership with Riverdale High School Swimming to develop swimmers from a young age through high school to be able to compete and make Rutherford County swimming more competitive regardless of the high school the athlete attends.  RRST through this partnership has developed Top 16 qualifiers in the Tennessee State High School championships and continues to develop USA Swimming age group swimmers to compete in the Southeastern Swimming championships, Age Group Sectionals, Senior Sectionals and further.