About the Club

The Flyers Swim Club is a non-profit and independent youth organization, self-funded through membership fees and fundraising activities.  The club is a registered member of USA Swimming, Inc., which is the only national governing body of amateur swimming in the U.S.

The program teaches competitive swimming skills to area children ages 6-18.  The Flyers maintain an emphasis at "entry level" which means we keep the fun in swimming for your children.  The Flyers staff encourages participation without pressure.  They will teach and explain with detail, motivate with reassurance, and challenge for improvements.  The Flyers program is based on the philosophy of attracting kids to the pool, offering opportunities to learn, and then developing excellence through practice, experience and guidance.

The program was created in the summer of 1991 by a few parents and coaches who saw a need for an entry-level competitive swim club, a type of "little league" for the sport.  With an abundance of recreational water activities in the area and three school districts in close proximity with their own pools, teams and swimming curriculum, it was clear that our children could benefit from an organized program dedicated to teaching and having fun.

It grew rapidly to over 100 swimmers each season and we were able to acquire enough time at the Queensbury School district pool to accommodate four levels of practice groups.  Our intra-squad swim meets have been a staple of the development of our swimmers' skills and confidence as well as for the experience and knowledge of our parents.  As the progression of skills developed confidence, members experienced success in competition and personal growth through hard work and the comraderie of a team.

All of our coaches have extensive competitive experience and some started their careers with the Flyers!  Our group head coaches attend an annual national coaches clinic and continually learn and reaffirm their knowledge of the latest trends and news in the world of competitive swimming.  Our staff is hand-picked to fit the mission of the Flyers program and meet the needs of all members.

We encourage parents to approach our staff with questions or concerns, or for updates on your swimmer's progress.  Feel free to ask questions of any of our staff members.  There are no embarrassing questions whether you are a new family or veteran family to the sport and the program.  Remember, we're here to teach your swimmer and you!