The Allegan Aquatic Center has two pools, separated by a glass partition.  The main competition pool is 8 6-foot lanes with non-turbulent lane markers and PVC-grated, non-slip starting blocks.  It runs from 13 feet depth to 4 foot depth and has backstroke flags 5 yards from the end of each pool.  In the deep end, there are 2 regulation size diving boards.  The competition pool offers ample deck space with built-in bench seating for 150.  The water temperature is typically kept at about 80º fahrenheit.

The Leisure Pool is a 4-feet maximum depth, warmer water (~84º fahrenheit) pool with special features including a 80-feet long by 6-feet wide lazy river, a zero depth entry wading pool with 4-feet tall water slide and a 20 feet by 40 feet, 3-lane lessons pool which can be used for warm up and warm down during large competitions.  Underwater bench seating adds to the leisure.  The Leisure pool area has less-ample deck space than the competition pool, but also offers built-in bench seating for 150. 

The facility offers a men's and women's locker room with shower stalls and bathroom facilities as well as 50+ lockers for locking belongings.  There is also a family and special needs locker room with individual changing rooms and 25 larger-size lockers and bathroom/ shower facilities.  The spectator seating area seats 280 people.  It is block-style carpeted seating to allow for patrons to stretch out when the seating area is not crowded.  To get to the spectator seating, follow the hallway straight away from the main Aquatic Center entrance, continue down the main high school hallway through the fire doors.  Before reaching the gymnasium, there is a door to the stairwell, which takes you directly to the seating area.  The Aquatic Center has an elevator and wheelchair accesible seating.

NO OVERNIGHT LOCKS ARE ALLOWED, with the following exceptions:

     1) In-season Varsity Athletes

     2) AAC Employees

     3) Currently-Registered Tigershark Aquatics Participants (must share 2 people per locker).

We must enforce this policy to ensure that enough lockers are available for our regular scheduled programming.  If you fall under one of the approved categories, and would like to keep an overnight lock, you must be on the APPROVED LOCK LIST.  To get on this list, contact Mark Mattox at the email address listed below.

The Allegan Aquatic Center is located at 1560 M-40 N/ Allegan, MI 49010.  It is attached to the south end of Allegan High School.  As you pull into the High School parking lot from M-40, the pool is located on the left side of the building.  There is reserved pool parking on the south end of the building, where the main Aquatic Center entrance is located.  When you enter, the main men's and women's locker rooms are located immediately to your left.  To find the family and special needs locker room, continue straight down the hall from the main Aquatic Center entrance.  Follow the main hallway into the high school and the locker room is located on the left before the first set of pop machines/ fire doors.


The mission of the Allegan Aquatic Center is to promote swimming in the greater Allegan area as a life-saving skill, a life-long fitness activity, an outdoor access skill (a foundational skill for participation in other aquatic sports) and a highly beneficial youth sport.  In addition, the AAC is committed to promoting other aquatic activities such as, diving, water polo, aqua aerobics and aqua Zumba as fun and healthy activities.  The AAC and its community partners are committed to providing programming to all interested individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, ability level or ability to pay.


By creating a safe, positive, and educational environment open to all interested individuals, the Allegan Aquatic Center strives to achieve higher levels of membership, greater socio-economic and cultural-ethnic representation, and more active participation from and recognition in the Allegan as well as southwest Michigan community.  The AAC looks to be at the forefront in helping Allegan, with a special focus on its youth, become an excellent example of a fit, healthy, happy, and long-lived community.

Values Statement:

1) Public school facilities belong to the communities in which they exist and should be accessible to all community members.

2) Easily-accessible, well-marketed and physically/ mentally engaging community programming is a critical aspect of a fit, long-lived and happy community.

3) Improved levels of physical fitness, especially cardiorespiratory endurance, can improve cognitive ability and self-confidence and has been shown to help reverse the effects of such psychiatric disorders as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Depression.

4) For young children, learning how to swim has been shown to correlate with improved academic performance.

5) Setting and pursuing fitness goals stimulates beneficial physical and emotional changes.

6) A swimming pool is a valuable resource that should be fully utilized.  “A full pool is a good pool.”  It is understood that quality youth programming is more limited in terms of the available times that it can be offered than adult programming.

7) In order to ensure that the pool is able to remain in operation and be available to the community for many more years to come, it is necessary to collect usage fees that help to offset costs incurred by the district to run and maintain the facility.

8) Equity in (opportunity/) access to quality youth programming (for youth of all ages) is a ubiquitous feature among thriving communities.

9) The goals of district-provided, school-day swimming lessons should be to introduce the skill of swimming as a potentially life-saving skill, to teach children about the importance of being safe in and around the water and offer opportunities for continued participation in aquatic activities beyond their initial exposure.

* “programming” here is used to mean structured, goal-directed activities. 


Contact Information:

Address: 1560 M-40 N/ Allegan, MI 49010

Aquatics Director: Chris Madill, cmadill@alleganps.org, 269-673-7002 x5507

Assistant Aquatics Director: Sara Keen, skeen@alleganps.org, 269-673-7002 x5504