Team Info

SWMKE is a Wisconsin USS competitive swim team.  It is a coach owned and coach run program.

SWMKE’s top priority is simple.  It is to offer a high level of professional teaching and training that enables a novice through national level swimmer the opportunity to develop to his or her maximum potential.  The expected goal of each swimmer is to climb the US Swimming Senior/Age Group ladder to higher levels of competition and success.  Those levels are:  WI Regional; WI State; Senior Speedo Sectional/Age Group Zone C; Futures Championship; US Junior National; US Senior National/Open; Olympic Trials; International Competition.  The main focus of the program is individual quality over team size while emphasizing the importance of “team” in achieving individual success.

Accomplishing SWMKE's top team priority is achieved through: constant emphasis on improving stroke, start and turn technique; developing proper race pace for all distances and events; challenging training sets (hard work); increasing overall physical strength and flexibility through dryland fitness/yoga training; strengthening the mental aspects of training and competing through positive thinking, confidence and focus; proper diet and sleep habits.

Additional SWMKE program goals are:

-  To focus on individual/team success at the USS & Midwest swimming levels as well as WI Age Group & WI High School swimming levels

-  To provide a competition schedule that challenges upper level swimmers beyond what WI Swimming offers

-  To educate swimmers and parents to focus on annual and long-term training plans, competition objectives and individual goals rather than short-term results

-  To prepare swimmers for collegiate and professional levels of training and competition