About QuickSilver Masters

Why Swim  QSS Masters?

We  offer a friendly atmosphere that includes swimmers of all skill levels. Workouts are written to accommodate all levels of swimming experience; from competitive national-level masters, tri-athletes and general race rs to people just learning to swim to get into shape and meet some friendly people along the way.

Just Thinking About Swimming Masters?

If you're interested in joining QuickSilver Masters, feel free to show up to any practice and try us out. 

How to Join?

Please email [email protected] to obtain the registration link - due to Covid and lane space we have a waitlist to join the team.

What are the costs?

Option 1 - Unlimited practices, either location - $60/month

 Parents that have age group swimmer(s) on Quicksilver Swimming team - $45/mo

Locations:  Gunderson High School and Almaden Swim and Racquet Club

Maps and Adresses

What is the drop policy?

A Members account can be closed by sending a "drop notification" email to [email protected] atleast 2 weeks prior the 1st of the month billing cycle. 


Use the "Contact Us" link on the home page and we will respond to your inquiry.

For billing questions, email Joan Smith at [email protected]


How do you join USMS (United States Masters Swimming)?

USMS Membership:


Are swim meets available?

Yes!  Meets are available throughout the year around the bay area.


Are there coaches?

Every practice offered is a "Coached" workout.