About Us

About Us

Mission Statement
KSSC provides for the development of team and individual synchronized swimming skills in a positive and supportive environment promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.

Achieving Excellence in Sport and in Life


  • To provide development of synchronized swimming skills through instruction, practice, and participation in major competitions, to the best of each swimmers ability.
  • To enhance individual growth of each swimmer, focusing on self-esteem, responsibility, leadership, and physical fitness.
  • To foster an environment in which swimmers, coaches, and parents can actively participate in team and Club activities.
  • To encourage the promotion and enjoyment of the sport of synchronized swimming, both as an individual and team member.
  • To have memorable experiences that build positive character.


KSSC was established in 1982 with its home base pool being Killarney pool in Calgary. Since 1982 we have branched out to all areas of the city and currently practice out of SAIT, Mount Royal University, University of Calgary, and Killarney Pools. Our program offerings include a beginner stream (Mini Synchro, Learn to Synchro, Pre-Competitive), and a Competitive stream (10&Under Provincials through to Seniors). We attend both Provincial Stream and National Stream competitions.

The club is a non-profit organization that is administered by a parent executive (Board of Directors) in conjunction with a head coach. The club does minimal fundraising by the parent body and we depend on parent volunteers to help us host swim meets as they are designated to us. Our current membership is 139 girls ranging in age from 6-18 years. We have 23 synchro coaches on staff and other experts in the field of strength conditioning, flexibility and sports psychology. Many are former swimmers with the club. We also have former National Team members, National Team coaches and former Olympic athletes. Our coaches are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). We are lucky to have such a large, talented and dedicated coaching staff. Our swim year runs from September to the end of May/early June (depending on the age group/team).

Key Contacts:

Aliza Aldana Acting Program Manager programmanager@killarneysynchro.com
Lynn Pollock President president@killarneysynchro.com
Chris Foster Vice President vicepresident@killarneysynchro.com
Michael Perkins Treasurer treasurer@killarneysynchro.com
Sandy Vander-Zeil Secretary secretary@killarneysynchro.com
Laya Mihalicz Director - Marketing marketing@killarneysynchro.com
Deidre Gilborn Director - Fundraising fundraising@killarneysynchro.com
Stacey Hanzel Director - Travel travel@killarneysynchro.com
Mandana Rezai Director - Volunteers & Events volunteersandevents@killarneysynchro.com
Jason Mevel Director - Grants & Meets grantsandmeets@killarneysynchro.com