The sport of swimming is one of the most difficult for any student athlete today. The intrusion in their everyday lives can be excessive especially when you consider their commitment towards their education.

Competitive swimmers face early morning practices before school, practices after school, fitness sessions, Saturday morning practices and in many cases, the relinquishment of a weekend in order to attend a swim meet to test their abilities against others in their age group. In total, a swimmer could give up nearly 20 hours a week of their "free time" for one of the most demanding sports today without a guarantee of success. 

Race Pace Swimming was created in order to provide competitive swimmers an outlet to maximize their skills and talents in order to achieve the competitive results they desire. Race Pace Swimming is an educational and coach based organization which offers a training resource for swimmers, coaches, and teams looking to excel in the sport of swimming. Race Pace Swimming utilizes a tested scientific approach which produces positive results almost immediately.

Race Pace Swimming concentrates on the individual. Race Pace Swimming trains the body and the mind through private coaching or clinics where we improve technique, train the neuromuscular system, and counsel the swimmer on exercises and drills to help refine their bodies and hone their technique.  Race Pace Swimming implements an accountable program where the swimmer is responsible for their success or failure. IN our program, swimmers learn to accept failure as a part of getting closer to attaining success. We work with swimmers on their nutrition, rest, and the importance of goal setting, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. We feel our program not only allows them to excel in the sport of swimming, but offers skills to prepare them to succeed in life after swimming.

It doesn't matter if you're an age group, high school, masters, or experienced club swimmer, we are confident our program will  change your outlook on swimming and provide the feedback and tools that translate into measureable successes.

Race Pace Swimming focuses on essential principles which include:

  1. Teaching the proper technique, utilizing video for immediate feedback.
  2. Educating the swimmer on the importance of all 6 strokes
  3. Producing an environment where results can be measured daily, weekly, and seasonally.
  4. Creating a level of accountability.
  5. Enlightening the swimmer on the importance of nutrition, strength, and rest.
  6. Teaching mental and visulation tools to help you perform at the highest levels during competition.
  7. Making the sport fun again and spending less time in the pool.

At Race Pace Swimming, we understand the effort and sacrifices swimmers make every day. We understand that you may be part of a club or team, where you have a relationship. Our goal is to serve as a resource you can turn to in order to achieve the results you desire. We want to be a compliment to your current training program, not a disruptor.

Do you have a particuliar time you want to swim in an event? A particular cut? Is there a state championship you would like to swim? How will you get there? Do you have the confidence in your current program you will achieve that cut? How will you prepare yourself in order to achieve it? If you don't have the answers to these questions, reach out to us. We will have the answers for you.

There's nothing to lose but time.