The Beverly Crest Swim Team is comprised of approximately 120 swimmers.  We are members of the Greater Charlotte Swim League and compete in division IV.  All children of Beverly Crest ages four through eighteen (19 if high school student), are invited to participate in the FUN of swim team. Each team member can perfect their strokes, make new friends and learn the unity of the team experience. The purpose of the Greater Charlotte Swim League is to encourage children to swim in a friendly, nourishing and recreational environment. 

Our Coaches

Head Coach:




Assistant Coach - Lauren Kautter

Hi Sharks!  My name is Lauren Kautter and I am a current rising senior at Providence High School.  I have been a part of a summer swim league since Kindergarten and the Sharks since 7th grade.  I am on the PHS swim team where I will serve as a team captain next year.  I also work at the SwimMac Swim School teaching lessons along with lifeguarding at the pool during the summer.  I am excited for this season as my first year as an assistant coach!  Go Sharks!

We will be ready to see you all at practices and look forward to hearing your excuses.... 

Your coaches ;)


General Information

The following information will help swimmers and parents to know more about summer swim league, how the meets are run and scored, and will help to make all of this less confusing and more fun!



Age Group Categories
Events Per Swimmer
Ribbons & Scoring
All-Star Meet
How a Meet Works
Order of Events
Team Rules
Team Expectations
Volunteer Positions

Age Group Categories

  • Shrimps (6 & under) – These swimmers will compete in one length of freestyle, but their results are not scored as part of the meet.
  • 8 & under – These swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool freestyle, and be able to demonstrate the capability of at least one other stroke.
  • 9 & 10 – Swimmers of this age should be familiar with the four competitive strokes and be willing to learn from, and practice with, our experienced coaches. Meet distance is one length of the pool.  It is not necessary to be proficient in all strokes, or to be an expert swimmer.  These swimmers may also enter the IM – Individual Medley – one pool length of each stroke in this order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.
  • 11 & 12 – These swimmers have the same requirements as the 9 & 10 group, except that they must swim two full pool lengths for each event except IM, which will be 100 meters.
  • 13 & 14 – These swimmers have the same requirements as the 11 & 12 age group
  • 15 through 18 – same as above

Maximum Number of Events Per Swimmer

For a given meet, a swimmer is allowed a maximum of 3 individual events in his/her age group and a maximum of 2 relays in his/her age group. Listing a swimmer as an alternate in an event shall count as an entry in the event for the swimmer.

Ribbons and Scoring

Ribbons shall be awarded in all individual events including 6 & under Freestyle, to the 1st through 4th place finishers. Ribbons shall be awarded in all relay events to the 1st and 2nd place finishers. Heat ribbons shall be awarded to all heat winners in any of the 10 & under individual events. Participation ribbons shall be awarded to all 6 & under Freestyle swimmers upon completion of their race.

Scoring: 1st place = 5 points | 2nd place = 3 points | 3rd place = 2 points | 4th place = 1 point

Relay Scoring: 1st place = 10 points | 2nd place 6 points


All teams must report for scheduled meets regardless of the weather! Meets can be postponed by mutual content of the clubs involved. No meet can be postponed until 30 minutes after the scheduled starting time of 6PM. If a meet has already begun and is interrupted by thunder, a maximum 30 minute delay is allowed before the meet is called. If all events/heats through the IM have been completed, the meet shall be considered finished and will not be rescheduled.


If you know ahead of time you are going to be unable to attend practice or a swim meet, please communicate those dates to the swim coach in writing (i.e. email). This helps us better prepare for events.


In order to qualify for the All-Star meet a swimmer must have swam in at least two meets during the season. The 2 fastest swimmers in each event per age group and the fastest relay participants will be eligible to participate in the All-Star Meet.

How A Meet Works

  1. Arrive at the meet on time (5:00pm warm-up with meet start time of 6:00pm)
  2. Warm up with team and when not warming up sit with team. Follow rules of good behavior and listen for Clerk of Course to call you for your event.
  3. When called to swim, go to the Clerk of Course area, tell them your name and event number. They will place you according to your heat and put you in the correct swim lane line.
  4. Once swimmer is ready to swim, swimmer should be ready at the block and start swimming at the sound of the horn.
  5. After completion of swim, return to the team area and wait until your next event.

Order of Events

  1. Girls first in each event
  2. 6 and under freestyle (no scoring)
  3. Medley Relay
  4. Freestyle
  5. Backstroke
  6. IM — Individual Medley
  7. Breaststroke
  8. Butterfly
  9. Freestyle Relay

Team Area Rules

If we follow these simple rules we will be able to reduce the noise and chaos in the team area, thereby making it easier for swimmers to hear their events.

  1. Swimmers are to give their respect and attention to the coaches at all times.
  2. Swimmers should bring snacks and something to do (i.e. cards) while waiting during meets.
  3. Swimmers should show respect for the other team members and their belongings. Harsh words or foul language will not be tolerated.
  4. Swimmers should encourage their teammates by cheering for them while they are swimming.
  5. ALWAYS check with the coach or team managers BEFORE leaving a meet to make sure you are done. Do not let your teammates down by leaving early!
  6. League rules state that no alcoholic beverages shall be present at any of the meet venues during the swimming meets. It is the responsibility of the home team to ensure compliance.

Team Expectations

  1. Swim Team members should make every effort possible to attend swim practice every day during the swim season and put forth their best effort at all times.
  2. Swim Team members should show respect for and listen to the coaches and parents who are supervising and volunteering at practices and meets.
  3. Swim Team members should show respect for their teammates and encourage them by cheering during meets and practice. Members should not use harsh words or foul language.
  4. Caps and suits representing year round or school teams are not allowed to be worn while competing in GCSL meets.
  5. The day of the meet, team members should stay away from the pool and out of the sun after 1PM.
  6. During meets, swimmers should stay in the designated team area and listen for his/her event.
  7. When sitting in Clerk-of-Course area, swimmers should sit in readiness for their event.
  8. Swimmers are expected to set-up and clean-up before and after each meet.

Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are  CRUCIAL to the success of the swim team.  This is a 100% volunteer organization with the exception of the coach and assistant coach. Every family is required to volunteer for 4 shifts (shifts are about 1.5 hours each) during the season. This number may change due to enrollment numbers.

  1. Clerk of Course and Assistant Clerks: (4 people per meet) Organize the swimmers behind the starting blocks to get ready to swim and have the next events on deck ready to move in position.
  2. Head Timer: (2 people per meet) Makes sure all timers are ready for start and holds back up watches.
  3. Event Board: (2 people per meet) Displays the events currently being swum so swimmers and parent know when to send their child to Clerk of Course for set up.
  4. Stroke & Turn judge: (4 people per meet) Will work with a team representative from opposing team in judging any blatant violations to the event in progress. Training will be explained. 
  5. Starter: (2 people per meet) Must announce each event as well as check with timers before start of every event. They will sound start of every event.
  6. Timers: (12 people per meet) Runs a watch for one lane to record swimmers times. Must pay attention to the meet to reduce chances of error. MUST confirm the swimmer that is the lane with the name on timer sheet. Must be aware of event and provide any necessary equipment for event (i.e. back boards for head protection on back stroke events)
  7. Runner: (2 people per meet) Takes lane sheet from the timers and DQ slips from the judges to the score table after each event. Organizes lane sheets before handing to computer volunteer. MUST get a lane sheet from EACH LANE regardless of a swimmer present in the event or not.
  8. Computer volunteer: (2 people per meet) Inputs the times from the lane sheets into the computer. Makes changes to events as needed. Prints labels for ribbons. Gives score of meet to team rep.
  9. Ribbon volunteer: (2 people per meet) Puts labels on ribbon and files them in the ribbon file.
  10. Shrimps Heat winner/Did Your Best ribbon Runner: (1 person per meet) Gives heat winner ribbon to the appropriate lane as guided by the timer and gives each timer a set of “did your best ribbons” to all timers. Shrimp events only.
  11. Concessions: (4 people per meet) Sells and stocks concessions products.
  12. Cook: (2 people per meet) Handles grilling only.
  13. Meet Set up: (1 person per meet) Sets up all required seating, lane signs, concession area, PA system, Kick boards at each lane, Lane flags, lane lines,
  14. Volunteer Coordinator Assistant: (2 people per meet) Will be working with Team Managers in getting meet volunteers in place, will help find volunteers when positions are not filled.
  15. Event Coordinators: (4 people per season) Committee of at least four people to organize mock meet needs, end of season party, help fund raiser/marketing committee in any events that are decided on, decides on end of season swimmer awards, team charity event.
  16. Fund Raiser/Marketing Coordinators: (see Team Manager) Will work on committee of at least two people in trying to get sponsorship, work on ways to build team exposure within the community.