New South Swimming (NSS) is a year-round competitive swim team offering an opportunity for swimmers at all levels to polish their skills in an atmosphere of healthy competition, camaraderie and caring. NSS is a member of USA Swimming and North Carolina Swimming.

NSS swimmers range from youngsters beginning to compete to those qualifying for Olympic Trials. We compete at all levels of North Carolina swimming competition, the Southern Sectional Championships and the USA Swimming Championships.

Because ours is smaller than typical competitive swim teams, New South swimmers get individual, focused, daily attention that allows them to train smart and think big. We train at various pools throughout Mecklenburg County and we also operate in Durham, NC.  For more information about NSS in Durham, go to

New South swimmers begin in an age-appropriate training group that matches their ability. As our swimmers improve and advance through our multi-level program, they take charge of their swimming goals with confidence and experience the pride and positive attitude that comes with being part of a dedicated, high-performance, result-oriented team.