The River Walk Gators Swim Team (RWST) is a recreational summer swimmin g program in the Virginia Beach Swim League (VBSL), a league formed to enable the recreational pools of Southeastern Hampton Roads to participate in the team sport of competitive swimming. The VBSL continues to be a solid force in the development of summer swimming in the area.

We are open to swimmers of all abilities, ages 4-18 who meet the basic eligibility requirements. Specifically, swimmers 8 yrs old and under need to be able to swim 25 meters (1 pool length) unassisted with minimal stops. Swimmers over 8 yrs old need to be able to swim 50 meters (2 pool lengths) unassisted without stopping.
Our goal is to motivate our swimmers to improve their swimming skills through instruction, repetitive practice and participation in competitive swim meets.

We strive to provide a climate of friendly competition where children can develop a love for the sport of swimming, improve their swimming skills, and learn the principles of good sportsmanship. We encourage participation and emphasize that all swimmers, regardless of other swim league affiliations, join us this summer for what is sure to be a fantastic and rewarding season.