Burbank Stingrays: About Us

The Burbank Swim Association (Stingrays swim team) was formed in 1973.
The purpose is to train young swimmers through our progressive instructional swim program and prepare them for a competitive swim program. In our program, we teach swimmers refined stroke techniques and other basics of competition swimming while improving their endurance. We are a swim team, and as such, we have the children participate in meets to help chart their progress over time. The parents and the head coach together should determine if the child is ready for competition.  We expect that if you sign up, please show up!


The team does not provide transportation to away meets. Parents are encouraged to carpool with others. Please refer to the "Schedule Page" for directions to up-coming meets.

At all meets, there are timers, stroke and turn judges, starters, and a referee. Sometimes, we will have officials. The job for these people is to assure that the competition is run safely and fairly. Occasionally, a meet official will have to disqualify (DQ) a swimmer for a false start or stroke infraction. The swimmer receives no official time in that event. Explain to your swimmer that this is nothing to be upset about. Even Olympic swimmers are disqualified during their meets.  We are always looking for parents to become officials, so watch for announcements for training clinics and think about joining as an official. A good way to begin is to work as a timer at our home meets.  See you there!

The Burbank Stingrays are a proud member of Illinois Swimming.