Mission Statement

The mission of the Harford Sailfish Swim Team is to create an environment supported by Coaches, Parents, Volunteers and Families where swimmers of all ages & abilities can participate. The goal is to help each swimmer develop to reach their physical, athletic and personal potentials.  Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of children that swim by providing a safe, positive reinforced environment for training and competition. This environment will allow coaches to provide instruction which is consistent with a swimmer's ability, desire and performance. Team participation will create opportunities for social and emotional development as well as building self-esteem. 

Core Values


• To teach all of the members of the swim team the value, rewards and potential that
   swimming provides.

• Provide a safe positive environment for members of the team.
• Provide coaches who are good role models for the purpose of goal setting,
   motivation, attitude, enthusiasm, morals and maturity.
• Provide an environment where coaches and athletes may establish realistic goals
   and objectives and measure their progress against established standards as
   benchmarks for improvement.
• Provide opportunities to learn sportsmanship, team cooperation and pride.
• Provide a wholesome and worthwhile recreational activity that swimmers can go
   on to enjoy for a lifetime.

We are COPPA Compliant - Check Links for More Information

We are Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy [MAAPP] Compliant - Check Links for More Information