Capital of Texas Aquatics (COTA) is a USA Swimming affiliated year-round competitive swim club.  COTA is a member of South Texas Swimming, Inc. which is the governing body for competitive swimming in South Texas. South Texas Swimming is a Local Swimming Committee (LSC) of USA Swimming.  COTA is a regstered 503(c) non-profit, parent volunteer board run team. Both parents and coaches work together to make COTA the BEST team we can be!

The strength of COTA comes from the strength of its swimmers. Strong skills, strong character, and strong team relationships make COTA swimmers unique athletes.  

COTA welcomes swimmers of varying skill levels. Swimmers interested in competition will train to represent COTA in meets held with other U.S.A. Swimming club teams in the area. Swimmers hoping to make the rosters of their high school or college teams will hone racing strategies through continued meet experience. Non-competitive swimmers will find a home with COTA where they learn and master skills to become the best swimmers they can be. 

COTA is proud of its focus on good sportsmanship and devotion to teammates. COTA kids love to swim and love to swim with each other. COTA swimmers happily support each other and are the first to offer a handshake to a competitor.

Regardless of their ability or goals, all swimmers share the COTA experience. 

They all receive personalized stroke instruction designed to yield faster times and injury-free bodies. They all develop exceptional fitness. They all work hard. And they all have fun.

Throughout the year, swimmers enjoy each other's company at social events, such as pool parties and laser tag outings.

Coach Ryan Ciccarelli—Coach Chic—shares his love of swimming and deep coaching background with each of his swimmers. COTA is a small team that strives to develop the best in each swimmer who jumps in the pool. We have the best coach and best swim program in town. 

We are the Capital of Texas Aquatics: COTA Proud—COTA Strong!

COTA is an affiliate of USA Swimming, the same organization that supports Olympic swimmers.

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