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The St. Thomas Jumbo Jets operate in partnership with the YMCA and has a proud history of competitive swimming which can be traced back to the  1920s.

Our team has been located at the St. Thomas YMCA , 20 High Street, St. Thomas, Ontario, since the facility was opened in 1978. The team is fully affiliated with Swim Ontario and Swim/ Natation Canada. Our aim is to achieve excellence in swimming at all levels of competition with emphasis on long term development of the swimmer and enjoyment of the sport.

The St. Thomas Jumbo Jets Swim Team is registered with Swim Ontario (SO) and Swim/ Natation Canada (SNC) and is a member of The Aqua 7 Swim League.

Our Mascot  Jumbo, the Elephant was a huge celebrity as the biggest Circus elephant (12' tall) and he died 1885. He was hit by a train in Canada's Railroad Capital St. Thomas, Ontario.