The purpose of SAST is to provide a valuable opportunity and enriching experience for age group swimmers of all abilities in the St. Augustine area , to participate as a member of Florida Swimming and United States Swimming, Inc, and to be governed by the following goals:

* to develop competitive swimmers in an environment that not only reinforces training and dedication to the sport but fun and enjoyment as well.

* to develop shape, train and build quality swimmers as well as a appreciation for the sport of swimming.

* to encourage and promote the development of the individual as a swimmer and athlete at developmental, regional, and state and national level. 

* to promote and encourage swimmers to set personal & team goals , show good sportsmanship, and learn quality life skills through the sport of swimming.


​For the last 20 years, SAST has been under direction of Head Coach and Club Director Frank Holleman. SAST has just expanded to include the year-round swimmers from The Palencia Piranhas Swim Team.    Greg Burgess is the Head Coach at the Palencia site.  The Palencia location offers the USA Swimming to both residents and non-residents.

​For more information about our coaches click on the Coaches button.  The pool location button provides pictures and addresses for each location.