About Our Team:

The Barrington Blue Fins Swim Team first began back in 1995.   All families registering to participate on the team need to be in good standing with the Barrington Homeowners Association and must have a valid pool identification card.   The Barrington Blue Fins team is comprised of approximately 100-120 swimmers.

Our team is a member of the Colonial Swim League.  Your Team Reps (Steve and Beth Van Beek) act on behalf of the Barrington Blue Fins at CSL activities and meetings, which occur year-round.   

Funds necessary to run the Barrington Blue Fins swim team primarily come from two sources: registration fees and team fund-raising events such as ice cream sales, concessions at home meets, spirit wear items, and events like a swimathon.  We also have some sponsors who support our team as well.  The Blue Fins treasurer (Maegan Hogue) keeps track of all financial transactions.  The Blue Fins computer administrators (Jared McQueen, Joel Hill, and Bil Moorhouse) keep track of all of the team's records.  If you have a receipt and reimbursement form to turn in, find Maegan.  If you have a question about a team record or something "techy", ask our computer team.

Our coaching staff is comprised of a head coach, assistant coaches, and a select number of junior coaches. When needed, we also have a few Coaches-in-Training (CIT).

Swim teams, more than most other children's athletic activities, require a large number of parent volunteers.  All families are required to volunteer.  It takes a minimum of 30-40 people to conduct a typical swim meet; we simply cannot run a swim program without everyone stepping up to help out.  For more about volunteering, please refer to the "Volunteer" tab.