Our Team


The Sudley Club Swim Team Committee is a working committee that supports the function & activities of the swim team.  All members are required to assist with the sub-committees and other activities as part of their committee membership.

The Executive Board of the Sudley Swim Committee: 

  • Head Coach- Dennis Miller
  • Chairperson – Christina Dimond
  • Meet Coordinator – Kathy Smith
  • Divisional Coordinator – Jackie Gaston
  • Treasurer – Emily Utter
  • Registrar – Linda Smith
  • Concessions – Lisa Young
  • League Representative – Taryn Fowler
  • Team Unify – Angela Purdy and Jackie Gaston

Swim Team Committees:

  • Swim Team Handbook & Newsletter- Taryn Fowler
  • League Publicity- Kathy Smith
  • Swim Team DVD- Nowak Family
  • Clerk of Course- Kathy Nowak
  • Raffle Coordinator/Apparel- Suzie Craft
  • Team Suits- Christina Dimond, Leslie Cornwall & Linda Smith
  • Swim Team Picnics- Angela Purdy & Joan Petsopolous
  • Team Pictures- Christina Dimond & Tara Viscuso
  • Scrapbook- Cheryl Harnish
  • Teen Dinner, Divisional T Shirts, Divisional Program- Lisa Huffman

Swim Meet Volunteer Chairman:

  • Head Timer- Vince Butler
  • Head Meet Marshall- Brandon Utley
  • Head Referee- Joe Huffman
  • Official Times- Susan Houser
  • Head Recorder- Linda Smith
  • Head Scorer/Computer Geek- Steve Clune/Sean Garvey
  • Head of Meet Set Up- Eric Nowak
  • Callers- Nick Brisbin, Todd Utter, Erik & Elizabeth Wilkens-McKee
  • Place Ribbons- Monica Butler
  • Achievement Ribbons- Teri Davis & Karen Venturini
  • Team Photographers- Lisa Huffman & Andy Sanderson
  • Announcer- Greg Craft

2018 Swim Suit - Arena Women's & Men's Spider Suit in Kelly Green

Parent Obligations

  • Pay Swim team application fee
  • Attend manadatory parent meetings
  • Purchase/sell raffle tickets as fundraiser
  • Donate item/service to raffle
  • Purchase Sudley Team approved swim suit
  • Meet the mandatory family volunteer requirements
  • Sign out swimmers for meets at the Canteen on the Sunday prior to the missed meet.


  • Attend practices and swim meets as required ON TIME.
  • Always be ontime, suncreened and ready to swim with goggles in your assigned lane.
  • Swim in at least 2 meets during the regular swim season.
  • Must wear Sudley swim wear, goggles and a Sudley swim cap for all swim meets.