Our Team


The Sudley Club Swim Team Committee is a working committee that supports the function & activities of the swim team.  All members are required to assist with the sub-committees and other activities as part of their committee membership.

The Executive Board of the Sudley Swim Committee: 

  • Head Coach Dennis Miller
  • Swim Team Coordinator Christina Dimond
  • Swim Meet Coordinator Kathy Smith
  • Treasurer Emily Utter
  • Registrar Linda Smith 

Swim Team Committees:

  • Prince William League Representative- Taryn Flower
  • Swim Team Handbook- Taryn Fowler
  • Team Newsletter- Taryn Fowler/Pam Regenbogen
  • League Publicity- Kathy Smith
  • Team Unify WebMasters- Angela Purdy & Jackie Gaston
  • Computer Gurus- Steve Clune & Sean Garvey
  • Concessions- Lisa Young
  • Clerk of Course- Kathy Nowak
  • Raffle Coordinator- Suzie Craft
  • Team Suits/Caps- Christina Dimond, Leslie Cornwall & Linda Smith
  • Apparel Orders- Suzi Craft
  • Swim Team Picnics- Angela Purdy & Joan Petsopolous
  • Teen Dinner, Divisional T Shirts, Divisional Program- Lisa Huffman
  • Divisional Coordinators- Jackie Gaston & Karen Chierico

Financial Obligations

  • Pay Swim Team Application Fee
  • Sell (3) Raffle Tickets ($25) per swimmer
  • Donate item/service to Raffle
  • Donate item for Concessions at one home meet and Divisionals –see assignments.
    • First home meet:  Last name A-M.
    • Second home meet: Last name N-Z.
    • Third home meet: a list will be send out of needed items 
    • DIVISIONALS are at  Sudley this year so needed items will be announced prior to the meet. 
  • Purchase a Sudley Swim Team:  Deep Within by Speedo (Green) or the approved solid black Sudley Swim Team suit available.



  • Attend practices and swim meets as required.
  • Always be ontime, suncreened and ready to swim with goggles.
  • Swim in at least 2 meets during the regular swim season.
  • Must wear goggles and Sudley swim cap for all swim meets.



  • Help swimmer to meet obligations
    • There is a MEET SIGN OUT BOOK in the Canteen.  Please sign swimmers out of meets as soon as you know they will miss a meet.  
    • Please sign out swimmers by AT LEAST the Sunday PRIOR TO A MEET.
  • Volunteer to help with one shift at each home swim meet your child participates in, one shift at two away meets and one shift at Divisionals.
  • Volunteer to help with other swim team activities

(Additional volunteers are needed for meet set-up on Friday evenings, sorting cards with Cathy Nowak on Friday mornings, prep work for Concessions with Lisa Young on Friday evenings prior to home meets,  Team Picnics, etc.…)

Please note that volunteer obligation hours do not include the mini meets or time trials.