The 2019Coaching Team
Coaching team will be

Asst. Coach:  
Nathan Walls
Asst. Coach:  Georgia Briggs

Team Managers:
Managers this season are
Alexia Couch and Lisa Vaughan-Spence.  As 
managers, our main responsibility is to coordinate volunteers, organize the meets, and provide information to 
parents. We look forward to working with and getting to know each and every family this year. To volunteer or get 
answers to questions, contact the managers by email @


Members of teams work together as individuals to become one unit. Although swimming is a highly individualized 
sport, swimmers are still pieces of a greater whole. Consider the analogy of a swim team being compared to a 
muscle. Each fiber in the muscle has a specific function. When one of those fibers weakens or tears, the rest of 
the muscle fibers combine their strength to allow the injured individual to regenerate. All fibers are required to 
work together to build strength and endurance in order for the body to function smoothly.

As parents, we need to show our children by example, the importance of teamwork. Just like our swimmers who 
work hard to gain points for the team, parents who volunteer their time and effort to make the meet a success are 
displaying teamwork. Encourage your children to cheer for their friends. Follow the team’s protocol of arriving on 
time for warm-ups, joining the caravan to away meets from the home pool, and attending pep rallies. Don’t leave 
after your child is finished swimming; stick around to cheer the team on and hear the final score. (The winning 
team gets to push the coaches in the water!) Participate in fund raising activities. Try to make as many practices 
as possible; practices is the best way to improve skills.


Although it is not mandatory to attend every practice, you are encouraged to have your child attend as many days 
as possible. After all, practice is the only way a swimmer will improve strokes and endurance. When at all 
possible, notify the coach of planned absences.

It will be assumed that your child will attend each meet unless you have notified the coach and placed the 
swimmer’s name on the meet absentee list in the binder at the pool by the Wednesday prior to the meet. THIS IS 
VERY IMPORTANT because the coach makes the line-up for the meet on Wednesday evenings. If a swimmer fails 
to show up at a meet that he is expected to swim, he is not eligible to swim at the next meet. Sudden illness or 
family emergency is the only exception to this policy. No-shows at swim meets not only impact line-ups, but can 
cause the team to lose points. You must swim in 3 meets to receive a trophy.

Remember, as a team member, a swimmer makes a commitment to attend practices, competitions, and other team 
oriented functions. Use the following as a guideline of acceptable reasons for failing to follow through with this 

1. Family emergencies and necessary functions
2. Academic requirements (class, extra help, detention, etc.)
3. Health, illness or injury (parent or doctor documentation)

Team Colors

Our team colors are purple and white. Show your spirit and wear our team colors to meets and other team events.