Welcome to ACAC! Whether your child’s new to swim lessons, or they're a competitive athlete, we’ll work together to ensure you and your swimmer feel welcome and enjoy the time you’re investing with us.

ACAC has a 38-year history in Anderson. We offer Age Group competitive swimming for all abilities ranging from young beginners through state-ranked and beyond. Our mission is to teach, train and motivate our swimmers to develop the character traits, technical skills, and desires necessary for maximum realization of each individual’s potential both in and out of the pool.

Our club leadership encourages communication. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re here to support you and your swimmer and foster connections with the ACAC family.

Mission Statement and Philosophy: To teach, train and motivate all ACAC swimmers to develop the character traits, technical skills and intense desire necessary for maximum realization of each individuals potential both in and out the pool on a daily basis. 


ACAC Swimmer Code of Conduct 

ACAC swimmers are expected to display proper respect and sportsmanship toward teammates, coaches, officials, meet administrators, fellow competitors and the public, including no physical abuse or bullying behavior.

ACAC swimmers will refrain from any illegal or inappropriate behavior that would detract from the positive image of ACAC swimming or Anderson community school.  We take pride in our school, team, coach and ourselves – in that order.

You are to be on time; practice, meets, meetings, team events.

100% attendance is not required but encouraged.

You are expected to attend practice will appropriate gear:  practice suit, googles, cap and equipment needed for your team level. 

You are expected to be committed to giving your best effort and every practice and expected to listen and follow along with all coaching instructions. 

You are responsible for regularly checking your file for team information.

You are responsible for filling out and returning on time your goal packets.

You are responsible for the care and proper use of all equipment, including your own and the teams’.

You are expected to participate in all ACAC hosted meets.  You will be entered and expected to attend.

All ACAC swimmers who choose to attend swim meets, the days will be chosen by you and your family, the events will be chosen by the coaching staff. 

All ACAC swimmers who attend swim meets should wear the ACAC team suit and cap, if wearing a cap.

If you qualify for the Indiana Championships you are expected to participate in those meets. 

You are expected to see your coach before and after every race at a meet.

ACAC swimmers are expected to sit together as a team at all swim meets and be supportive and cheer for all team mates.

ACAC Parent* Code of Conduct 

*parent denotes legal guardian or someone of that nature in the swimmers life

All ACAC parents will demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting behavior that earns the respect of their child, other swimmers, parents, officials and the coaches at practice and meets.

ACAC parents will not publically criticize, name call or use abusive language or gestures towards coaches, board or club members.

ACAC parents should not coach their children. Let the coaches do the coaching and trust that the plan that is in place will be the best for your swimmer. If you have a question about the plan, please do ask your swimmer or their coach.

ACAC parents that choose to watch practice please do so from the spectator area and do not communicate with your swimmer unless it is an emergency. 

Information is posted regularly, check your swimmers file, your email, ACAC Facebook page and our website. If there is a questions and it cannot be found there, then ask your swimmers coach. 

ACAC parents will communicate with coaches during designated times, before or after practice, scheduled meetings, phone calls, text or email. Please allow coaches to coach during practice times unless it is an emergency.

ACAC swimmers and parents are encouraged to be on time. Swimmers should arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to practice, and should be picked no more than 10 minutes after practice. 

Enjoy involvement with ACAC by volunteering; becoming an official, starter, announcing, hospitality or in other capacity. Otherwise, during swim meets, no other parent is allowed on pool deck. This is a USA Swimming and Indiana Swimming rule. If you want to become involved but do not know how, let a board member or coaching staff know and we will help get you started. 

All ACAC swimmers who choose to attend swim meets, the days will be chosen by the parents and swimmer, the events will be chosen by the coaching staff. 

All meets entries have deadlines. If you miss the date, we cannot enter your swimmer into that meet.  Please check the calendar for dates. 

Swimmers are expected to attend all ACAC hosted meets.

ACAC parents are expected to volunteer for 2 sessions per parent with team hosted meets or be fined $50 per session not attended. All parents can pay the $50 per parent per session fee before the hosted meet as a substitute for volunteering. 

Swimmers who qualify for the Indiana Championships are expected to participate in those meets.

Swimmers who plan to compete in meets should wear the team suit and cap, if wearing a cap.

Families must keep their team fees current. Failure to do so in a reasonable manner will result in the exclusion of the swimmer from practice and meets until balance is paid.

Any questions ACAC parents may have concerning meet results, an officiating call, awards or conduct of another swimmer or of a meet should be referred to the ACAC coaches. ACAC coaches will pursue the matter through the appropriate channels. 

Let’s work together to improve our team each and every season.