The Brant Synchro Club provides a positive environment for the development of synchronized swimming that is enjoyable for both swimmers and coaches who are striving for excellence. 

Our success depends not only on coaches and athletes, but also on the support of the families whose volunteer efforts and cooperation combine to make us a team!

Synchronized swimming is a sport that teaches athletes self-discipline, respect for others, the importance of commitment, and all the while develops friendships that last a lifetime!

Some of our youngest swimmers join as young as 5 years of age!

Brant Synchro Club hires its staff and coaches based on qualifications and experience that will benefit the club. Coaches are trained to the standards of the National Coaching Certification Program.

Located in Brantford, Ontario, the club practices out of the world-renowned Wayne Gretzky Sports Complex and takes full advantage of the incredible pool facilities it has to offer.