Welcome to the Portland Aquatic Club!

 “Building exceptional people through excellent swimming”


The Portland Aquatic Club (PAC) offers a top-level competitive swimming program for swimmers of all abilities. As a member of PAC, Oregon Swimming, and USA Swimming, your child will be a member of one of the largest organized youth sports in the United States.

PAC (formerly Portland Parks Swim Team, or PPST) was founded in 1987, with the help of Portland Parks and Recreation. Portland Parks and Recreation works together with PAC to offer pool facilities for practices and meets.  

PAC’s primary purpose is to provide a well-balanced training program so that all swimmers may achieve their maximum potential. PAC provides an enjoyable and disciplined workout structure with the resources and learning environment to allow swimmers the opportunity to achieve their best. PAC subscribes to a well-defined, long-term approach of gradually increasing degrees of commitment to reach peak performance levels. The emphasis in the early stages is on developing technical skills and a love for the sport. As a swimmer progresses and ages, more demanding physical and psychological challenges are introduced to the training program. PAC's training group progressions:

  • offer a variety of training and development opportunities to all swimmers
  • provide clear developmental pathways for all swimmers
  • have clear and transparent age and "time" standards for performance groups
  • align with USA swimming’s developmental recommendations

Parents will see many benefits from swimming as their children grow and mature both physically and socially in PAC’s program. The greatest benefits of participating in an organized swim program are the life skills your child will develop. For example, your child will show improved time management and commitment (swimming is a difficult sport that eventually takes a lot of time). Swimming also builds understanding of the value of hard work, self-discipline, perseverance, and overall growth in self-esteem. In addition to these life skills your child will be participating in one of the healthiest sports around, one that he or she can enjoy for a lifetime!


Jody Braden, Head Coach