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VSC was established in November 1977 through the efforts of Paul Bretscher, a former Valparaiso High School swimmer, who recognized the need for a year round competitive swimming program in the community. VSC is a non-profit, USA age group swim club which provides coaching to develop competitive swimmers in the Valparaiso area. The program is open to swimmers age 5-18 who have met the basic minimum skills requirement. The team consists of all levels of swimmers from novice to state and zone qualifiers.

USA Swimming is the major sanctioning body for age group swimmers in the USA. USA makes the rules and sets policies for over 250 swim clubs in the country. All VSC swimmers are required to join USA Swimming. Each member will receive a USS number, which is required to participate in sanctioned swim meets. Additionally, VSC is covered under USA's liability insurance policy.

Valparaiso Swim Club has a cooperative relationship with Valparaiso High School whereby VSC supports the VHS Boys and Girls Swimming Teams in exchange for the opportunity to utilize the high school pool. VSC serves as a "minor league" developmental program bringing competent, competitive swimmers to the high school program.

It is the philosophy of the Valparaiso Swim Club that producing champion swimmers is of secondary importance to the physical and emotional development of each child. We believe a child's success is not primarily measured in terms of winning races, but rather in terms of improvement. VSC strives to develop in each child an excitement about competitive swimming, a respect for the abilities of others, an appreciation of the importance of hard work and self discipline, a desire to constantly improve, the ability to win or lose graciously, and a pride in self and fellow swimmers. Team success is based on learning to work with others for the achievement of the group goals with the understanding that individual needs can be met through group effort.

Membership in VSC is open to children ages 5-18, who can pass a skills evaluation which is held on designated evenings before the start of each season. This is not a learn to swim program. Previous swimming instruction is generally required before a child will have the basic minimum skills. During the skills evaluation, the swimmer must be able to perform the basic skills of freestyle and backstroke, using rotary breathing with the freestyle stroke. The endurance to swim the length of a 25 yard pool is preferred, but not always a requirement for younger children. After the swimmer passes the skills evaluation, the Head Coach will place the swimmer on the appropriate team based on his/her skill level.

Once the swimmer has passed the skills evaluation, a trial period is offered so they can determine if this is a sport they would like to do. In order to get a good "feel" for the VSC experience, we strongly recommend attending practice everyday during the trial period.