Manta DNA plans to cultivate the next generation of swimmers into highly competitive athletes who hold values of mental and physical growth in all areas of life to a high importance. Thus developing committed members of the community who will work to ensure that it continues to evolve for the betterment of all people.

Mission Statement

The mission of Manta Dive N Aquatics promoting mental and physical health through motivating student-athletes to encourage themselves, their teammates and their community to achieve their fullest potential in every aspect of life. Manta DNA promotes mental and physical health through teaching life saving swim skills, nurturing visualization techniques, and combining the skills and techniques in competition building self confidence in the next generation.  

Products and Services

The critical need for Manta DNA is to teach the lifesaving skill of swimming and use it as a tool to teach other life skills that shape children and youth into positive contributing members of our community. This goes beyond the current need to teach the life skills of swimming, but transfers to the need for mentoring, and cultivating role models for the next generation. Manta DNA will primarily serve a minority population, as the makeup of Prince George’s Country is 84% African American and 14% Hispanic, helping them continue to grow the county in which they live, work, and play. There is a trend for most swimmers to swim with a club team in the fall and spring and a community team in the summer. However, our goal is not only to develop well-rounded swimmers, but also encourage the community to give the swimmers opportunities to enhance their leadership and philanthropic skills obtained through Manta DNA into other areas of their lives.

Business Description

Manta DNA provides personal mental and physical development training to youth in and out of the swimming pool. In the water Manta DNA teaches youth technical, time management, peer and self-motivation skills. Swimmers will watch drill demonstrations, practice technique-improving skills, and adjust swimming habits bringing in-depth understanding of their bodies. Learning how to discipline their minds and bodies as they work to increase strength, flexibility, and mental determination in practice and competitive environments. Swimmers are students first and athletes second. Swimmers will be required to manage studies, practices, and personal time teaching them vital life skills of responsibility and time management. Learning and strengthening their ability to read pace clocks to complete practice sets will also teach them the importance of accomplishing goals timely to be able to manage time in their various areas of life. By formulating positive relationships with teammates and community members, swimmers will inspire their peers to be more goal-oriented, while encouraging others to reach their full potential.   At the same time the individual competitiveness of swimming will mold swimmers to be self-motivated, developing leaders who will stand firm in what they know is right in the water and in the community regardless of the distractions that may take place around them. Outside the pool these same skills and life lessons that Manta DNA teaches will be used to facilitate educational, community, and societal development in order to shape their future as leaders and thus impacting the development and direction of the world.