Club Fees

Mandatory Club Fees

Black Hills Gold Swimming is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and in order to offset operation costs, we rely heavily on club fees to help keep seasonal dues as low as possible. (Seasonal dues may be found on the documents tab.)  Each new swimmer on the Black Hills Gold Swim Team is responsible for $100 and each returning swimmer  $200 per year with a maximum of $400/family.  There are several fundraising options available to cover your club fees or you may personally pay your obligation to the team.  All mandatory club fees must be fulfilled by February 28th of each year.  Any families not fulfilling their requirements will be invoiced for the remaining balance at that time.  Club Fee balances must be paid in full before families can register for another season.  Each family can pick and choose how they fulfill their obligation, the team offers the following programs for fundraising, and other opportunities will be announced if they present themselves throughout the year. 



Our team is registered to earn 5% of all sales at Safeway for gas, pharmacy and groceries.  To participate you must buy a reloadable card from the team. Each card sells for $5 and is preloaded with $5.  Before you begin shopping at Safeway take your card to Customer Service or a cashier and tell them you would like to put money on a reloadable gift card.  You may load up to $500 at a time. Shop, and use your gift card as payment.  It’s easy and adds up fast!  You may have multiple cards registered to your family so friends, neighbors, grandparents, etc can all earn money to be applied to your commitment.  Please see Elena Dagit to purchase your Safeway Cards.

Click here for more information about the Safeway Program - /sdbhgs/UserFiles/File/SAFEWAY%20FLIER.pdf



We have partnered with a company called Benefit ( This is an online mall that allows a percentage of your purchases to be returned to our team and that amount will be applied to your commitment.  It is very, very easy to participate.  Many chain restaurants and Walmart are available, in addition to internet shopping sites such as  All you need to do is download the app onto your phone, choose Black Hills Gold Swimming as the beneficiary, and purchase the gift cards before you shop. The gift cards are instantly loaded on your phone so you can even purchase them in line at the store or in a restaurant while you are eating.  Once you get in the habit of checking to see if a restaurant or retailer in on Benefit Mobile, the funds you earn can add up fast!  You can use them as gifts and print them out or email them to others as well.  Again, your friends and family can also participate on your behalf! 

Click here for more information about Benefit - /sdbhgs/UserFiles/File/BENEFIT%20FLIER(1).pdf


At our home meet in November we have a silent auction.  Families can bring themed baskets to be available for the silent auction.  There are tons of ideas on the internet for fun silent auction baskets. The funds raised will be applied to your fundraising commitment.

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Generally in February we will offer an Eileen's Colossal Cookie Dough Fundraiser.  In the past the cookie dough has sold for $15.00, with $5.41 of each sale counting towards the swimmers fundraising commitment. Swimmers will have approximately 2-4 weeks to sell cookie dough and will need to deliver their sales to customers when the swim team receives the cookie dough, approximately 2-4 weeks after the close of the sales period. 



Every time you shop on click on Amazon Smile and chose Black Hills Gold Swimming as your charity.  This is an in-kind donation to the team. (The team will get a very small percentage of your purchases, but every little bit helps!) For the team to benefit from your amazon purchase you must go through to begin shopping and select Black Hills Gold Swimming as your charity. If you are a frequent Amazon shopper (spending $30,000+ per year) this may count towards your mandatory club fees, please talk to a board members to find out more. 


If you have an idea for fundraising and would like to organize an event please talk to the board of directors.  We are always open to new ideas!