Mariners Swim Club has helped kids improve their endurance, strength, and speed for over 80 years!


Improvement of a swimmer’s skills is one of the main objectives of the Mariners. The amount of improvement is directly related to the amount of practice, effort, and dedication that a swimmer puts forth. Natural physical talent is secondary to the desire to improve and excel. Most swimmers realize a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction by improving their times regardless of winning any events.  First and foremost we are a competitive swim club and do expect all of our swimmers to compete in swim meets throughout each swim season.

The Mariners Swim Club is dedicated to the sport of swimming and will strive to produce a lasting positive influence upon our young swimmers. The Club is dedicated towards creating a positive environment in which each swimmer will be given professional instruction in all competitive strokes while encouraging them to do their best.

Team spirit is another objective of the Mariners. It is important for youngsters to belong to a positive and successful program. Cooperation and enthusiasm among swimmers and parents alike generate the togetherness basic to team spirit. It is a privilege to belong to the Mariners Swim Club and the actions of our swimmers, parents and board members will reflect upon the Mariners and Sioux City wherever the Mariners may participate.