What are the estimated costs for joining the team?

Registration Costs:

1st child $95.00
2nd child $80.00
3rd child $65.00
Each additional child $65.00
Quakertown Pool Usage Fee $40.00 PER CHILD (waived if a member of the pool)


Volunteer Commitment Contract:

One child $100.00
More than one child $200.00 (this is most you would pay for a family)

*** This check will be returned to you once your required number of volunteer jobs is completed. Checks are usually returned at the following meet after you have completed your commitment. At the end of the season, if you have not fulfilled your commitment as per the signed commitment contract, your check will be cashed.


Team Swimsuit (optional):  
- Boys $34.00*
- Girls $52.00*
Cap $12.00*
Goggles $12.00*

* These costs are approximate.

In addition, each swimmer is asked to make a beverage donation at the beginning of the season. The beverage donations will done via a signup on the website.

Please note: these items do not fulfill your volunteer commitment contract.

Do I need to buy my child a team suit?

Team swimsuits are not required, although we recommend purchasing one for your child as it helps foster team spirit. Team swimsuits will be available at D&J Sports on Route 309 in Coopersburg, phone number 610-282-5895.

How many swim meets are there, and how long do they last?

Our team is part of the Suburban Swim League, and there are 8 teams in the league. Over the course of the summer swim season, there will be 7 regular swim meets - 3 or 4 home meets at our pool, and 3 or 4 away meets at 4 different pools. The swim meet schedule and directions to the away meets can be found on the website. The League determines the schedule and rotates the meets, so that the meets we swam at home the previous year are away this year, and vice versa. Meets usually last about three hours, not including driving time. There are also a Championship Meet and a Silver Championship Meet.

How often will I see my child swim in a meet?

Each swimmer on the team will be entered in as many events as possible in a meet with due consideration given to the swimmer’s ability to swim the stroke. Other factors also play a part in which events a swimmer swims. Remember, the coach’s job is to supervise the entire swimming program; therefore, she/he has the final decision regarding which events a swimmer will enter in a swim meet.

What time should we arrive for meets?
Home meets Swimmers should arrive by 4:45 pm warm-up slot 5:00-5:30 pm
Away meets Swimmers should arrive by 5:15 pm warm-up slot 5:30-5:55 pm


If a swimmer is not present by 5:30 p.m., and prior arrangements have not been made with the coaches, that swimmer will be taken out of his/her events. Please notify Coach Dee if your swimmer(s) will be late! We do not want any swimmer to miss a meet due to lack of communication.

What if my child is sick on the day of a meet?

If a swimmer becomes ill on the day of the meet, please call Head Coach Dee (Diana) Coleman at 267-374-8582 ASAP.

What do I need to bring to meets?

The following is a suggested checklist for swimmers to bring to meets:

  • At least two towels (perhaps a blanket or extra towels to sit on)
  • Goggles
  • Swim cap (for girls, some boys also use these)
  • Flip-flops
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Cards, music, book, etc. (Swim meets last about 3 hours and the kids need something to help pass the time)
  • Healthy snacks or money for the snack stand
  • Parents might want to bring folding chairs for seating
  • Good Attitude!!

What should I do if I take my child on vacation during the season?

Please advise the coaches ASAP when a swimmer cannot attend swim meets. Meet line-ups are done in advance and we need to know as soon as possible whether or not your child is going to be participating. The Vacation Log will be available each morning at practice in our swimmer bins. Please write your child’s name under those meets that he/she will be missing.

What is the team's attendance policy?

Swimmers are encouraged to attend practice regularly to improve techniques and build endurance. Swimming strokes and techniques are not learned at the same rate by each child. This is a seven-week commitment to the Quakertown Summer Swim Team Program. See DISCIPLINE POLICY for more information.

What is the coach's policy on club training?

Coach Dee’s Policy on Club training/year round swimmers: In many areas of athletics, music, and academics as children grow, they may find a particular area or talent that engages them in a higher level of commitment or a desire for elite training. Our program is quite unique in that we encompass ALL levels of talent and commitment within our summer team. We have kids who practice to maintain health and weight, kids who join for the camaraderie and friendship, and kids who swim to compete on a seriously, intense level but like a little less intense summer team. I LOVE that we have been able to meet the needs of all and balance the involvement of every swimmer within the confines of the league rules and competitive spirit. Many of our “elite” swimmers actually got their start with us at QSST and due to natural talent, a love of swimming, and a dedicated work ethic have “grown” in this sport to where they have moved on to seek higher level training in a year round program. However, with roots in QSST, those kids have summer friendships to preserve and more QSST memories to build. Never knowing where the next J.O. or YMCA champion may be blossoming, we encourage all our swimmers to “put in what you want to get out”. TO BE CLEAR ON EXPECTATIONS, I want to review our philosophy and policy. We hold practice 5 days a week. Our practices are based on what we believe is appropriate for the summer program swimmers who show up that day and we adjust lane assignments as needed. We are a competitive/recreational league program and have NEVER claimed to be highly trainer or specialized coaches. All of us have had years of experience with a sport we love and three of us are certified educators, which I believe gives us valuable experience in working with children. This year, we add two more coaches who have had extensive training and coach in a very competitive high school environment. We recognize that when a family makes the decision to embrace a sport or activity at an elite level, there is a huge financial, emotional and time commitment to that training regime. Therefore, if any of our swimmers wish to swim year round and/or train elsewhere during the summer season, we require that they build their schedule to be able to attend at least one QSST practice a week. They must plan to attend each regularly scheduled dual meet. Champs and Silver Champs conflicts will be discussed on a case by case basis with Coach Dee. Of course, we realize there can be conflicts due to vacations, or other obligations, but by following this guideline we believe we can continue to involve all swimmers at all levels and be fair in the process.

What is the team’s refund policy?

Should you find that swimming does not fit for your child or your family’s schedule, we will gladly issue a refund of both your registration and your volunteer commitment check up to and including the day after the second meet of the season. This date will be posted on the website under our Calendar section. Should you decide to quit the team after the stated deadline, refunds will not be honored (this includes both your registration AND commitment checks). Please note: All refund requests must be made in writing to the QSST Board.

You have three options for this:

  1. There will be a folder in the bin should you wish to submit a handwritten request.
  2. On the home page of our website, click on the "Feedback" bar on the top right side. Proceed to complete the "Feedback" form.
  3. On the home page of our website, click on the small pink "Questions?" box in the bottom right corner. Proceed to send an e-mail to the QSST Board.

How do I know if practice or a meet is cancelled due to weather?

If it is absolutely pouring, practice will be cancelled. If it is just showering, off and on, we will practice (they get wet anyway!). In the event of inclement weather the evening of a meet, check the website. We use the website as our main source of communication, so we will be posting all information there. If there is no mention of a meet being canceled, please plan to attend. For those of you without internet access, if you do not receive a phone call by 4:00 pm, please plan on attending the meet.

We are new to swimming. Will there be someone to help us out the first season?

At the beginning of the season, there will be a New Parents’ Meeting to go over many of the things listed here under "Frequently Asked Questions". The website also contains additional information to assist you.

How can I monitor my swimmer’s progress?

All of the swimmers times for each meet event are posted on our website. Each family is assigned a password that will allow you access to your swimmer’s results. This way, you and your swimmer can track their progress throughout the season.

What are Championships and Silver Championships?

At the end of each season, there are two additional opportunities for swimmers to compete:

Suburban Swim League Championships take place the last Saturday in July. Each of the eight teams in the League takes a turn hosting Championships. This is an all-day event. Championships include all events normally included in the regular meets, and there will be multiple heats of each event. Swimmers qualify based on their times for each stroke. This is a scored event, and the coaches will consult with the swimmers to determine line-ups, relays, and crescendos.

Silver Championships takes place on the Wednesday before Championships. This is a long night, since it includes all teams swimming all events, so there will also be multiple heats of each event. The only exception is that there are no relays or crescendos included in this meet. Swimmers qualify based on their times for each stroke. Once again, the coaches will consult with the swimmers to determine line-ups.

What types of awards/incentives are presented to swimmers?

Throughout the season, there are a variety of awards/incentives presented to the swimmers:

Meet Ribbons Ribbons are awarded at each meet for the individual events and relays that achieve a first, second, or third place time. Exhibition swimmers in each meet will receive an exhibition/participant ribbon for that event.
Senior Gifts These are presented to each year’s graduating seniors.
Silver Champs and Champs Trophies and Ribbons At these two end-of-season meets, both trophies and/or ribbons are presented to the swimmers.
QSST End of Season Awards At these two end-of-season meets, both trophies and/or ribbons are presented to the swimmers.


QSST End of Season Awards (Presented at our Splash Party/Awards Banquet):

Team Gifts These are presented to all members of the team.
Katie Stauffer Award This award is given to one swimmer that exemplifies the character demonstrated by our former swimmer and coach Katie Stauffer. Katie was not only a hard working, talented swimmer, but also very caring, mature and a dedicated young woman. Her intelligence and kindness were some of her many strengths.
Dolphin Award This award is given to one boy and one girl swimmer who show team spirit, hard work, and a love of swimming.

For each age group, both boys and girls, the following are awarded:
High Point Award This is given to the swimmers in each age group who score the most points over the season in individual events.
Most Improved Award The coaches select swimmers in each group who they feel have improved in various areas, not necessarily just improving their times.
Coaches Award This is given to the swimmers that show dedication, team work, spirit, and overall cooperation to the team.

Why are parents required to volunteer?

In order to successfully run a summer swim team program, as well as offer the best possible season to our swimmers, parent volunteer participation is crucial. Swimming is a sport that requires a significant amount of "hands on" time.

  • The QSST Board meets monthly from September through June in order to prepare for the upcoming season. There are five elected positions, each with a two-year term.
  • Home meets require a minimum of 72 volunteers from our team, as well as volunteers from the away team. At home meets, our parent volunteers line up swimmers for events, time, write out meet ribbons, and work at the snack stand.
  • Away meets require a minimum of 21 volunteers, primarily to time, score, and line-up.
  • Volunteers also organize special celebration events for our swimmers such as the Ice Cream Sundae Party, Pasta Party, and end of season Splash Party/Awards Banquet.
  • Lastly, volunteers assist in team fundraising efforts, distribute team gifts, and prepare end of season awards.

Our goal is to have the majority of parents participate---it is a great way to meet other parents as well as support your swimmers. As a team, we need to provide as much cross-training as possible so that the team has flexibility in filling positions, especially when emergencies arise. Through increased volunteer involvement, we can also ensure that the team retains its knowledge base, especially when "experienced" parents move on as their swimmers leave the team.

What choices do I have for volunteering?

There are a wide variety of volunteer positions available. A more comprehensive description of these positions and their requirements are listed on the website. Briefly:

  • QSST Board Member (5 positions available)
  • Starter/Referee, Stroke/Turn Officials
  • Meet positions: Set-up, Line-up parents, Timers, Scorers, Snack Stand, Data Entry, Ribbon Writers, Food Preparation, Take-down, etc.
  • Committees: Awards/Ribbons, Fundraising, Senior Gifts, Splash Party/Awards Banquet, etc.

Of course, you always have the option to not participate in the volunteer program and have your commitment check cashed immediately.

What happens if a meet is cancelled, and I volunteered to help at that meet?

If the entire meet is cancelled: a new volunteer list will be posted once the meet make-up date is announced. The QSST Board will assume that all those that volunteered for the original meet date will fulfill their commitment on the make-up date. If schedule conflicts arise for the make-up date, volunteers will be asked to remove their names from the web-site sign-up sheet, and then sign-up for another job in order to complete their required volunteer commitments.

If the meet is stopped during the meet: all positions that have been completed will receive credit. This may vary based on how far along the meet progressed prior to being stopped.

So, what's the difference between Yards and Meters again?

Quakertown’s pool is 25 yards. Some opponents may have 25 meter pools or 30 yard pools (Palmerton). We will convert times for record keeping to 25 yards. Conversion rates are as follows:

  • 25 yards to 25 meters:    Time x 1.094
  • 25 meters to 25 yards:    Time x .9141
  • 30 yards to 25 meters:    Time x .9113
  • 30 yards to 25 yards:    Time x .8333

All times posted on the website will have already been converted to 25 yards.