Wahoo Values

We believe in an altered approach to year-round swimming.  Our values are at the core to how we will build and nurture the Wahoo way.

Work Hard, Enjoy Swimming

We will provide a place for swimmers to enjoy the process of learning. Wahoos will be given ownership of their craft, allowing the lessons of youth sports to be realized.  

Display Kindness and Respect

We expect our swimmers to show humility, kindness and respect in all they do, including the way they treat fellow teammates, coaches, and the swim facility. We also expect for this message to be reinforced at home by their families.  

Build a Safe Place to Fail

We believe practicing small failures will prepare our swimmers for coping with life’s larger challenges. Our coaches have crafted a safe environment to fail, to get back up and to try again.

Compete Without the Burnout

By training more efficiently, year-round swimming will not become unreasonably burdensome to swimmers, families or coaches. The Wahoos will have time to pursue interests outside of the Team, if desired.

Reinforce Family Values

The Wahoos expect parents and youth swimmers to be welcoming to other families and to maintain a “family” culture within the club.


We understand that children are learning and will make mistakes but if these values are repeatedly violated by a swimmer or his/her family, they will be dismissed from the team.