P.H.A.S.T stands for Port Hawkesbury Antigonish Swim Team.  Each club practices on their own side of the causeway, but we combine forces to compete as one for meets and for special events and celebrations too!  The Antigonish and Port Hawkesbury sides share some provincial fees and coaching costs, however,each side has it’s own executive boards,income and expenses.


The main objective of the PHAST Antigonish is to provide each swimmer with a high level of coaching to achieve goals of fitness, sportsmanship and stroke development. Having achieved a minimum skill level, athletes will have the opportunity to compete with other swimmers throughout the Atlantic Provinces in age group competitions.


The philosophy of the PHAST is to foster long-term development of the athlete as a person, not only as a swimmer. PHAST believes that through emphasizing this philosophy each individual will develop strong personal characteristics, such as appreciation for the value of self-discipline & teamwork and will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and strong self-esteem. The Program is founded on the belief that swimming offers an exciting and valuable experience in a person’s life. It can appeal equally to the novice or the aspiring national-level athlete and learned values go far beyond that of increasing efficiency in the water. Skills acquired through this experience have obvious assets later in life.