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Our program and how we teach:


Layers and Repetition

Our approach to teaching swimming is based on elements of a method that has been in practice for over twenty years. WAVE has adopted some of the finer points of this program and incorporated them into our own, proven philosophy on teaching children of all ages to be water-safe.

Our program is based on repetition and layers, an approach which we believe maximizes a child’s ability to learn and retain new skills. Just like learning math skills in school, we start with the simple basics. Once those skills have been mastered, we add progressively more challenging, but related skills. Each level is intricately related to the level before it and the level after. Our lesson plans also take advantage of the power of repetition in a learning environment.

We understand well that for a child to attain a more solid mastery of new skills, their exposure in the learning environment is best served as smaller, more manageable pieces of information over a prolonged period of time. We believe that though participation in a more intensive program may achieve rapid results in a child initially, the child’s ability to retain skills over the long term is significantly decreased. For example, when a child takes a break after completing a short intensive summer program, it is understood that they will lose approximately half of what they learned by the following summer. Taking once a week lessons, year round, maximizes the child’s ability to retain the skills they have learned and best prepares them to learn progressively more advanced skills. Over the long term, students who take lessons in such a program will enjoy a steadier and more solid development in their swimming skills and are likely to become happier, more confident swimmers.

Past, Present, and Future

One of the most important aspects of our school is the way that we teach. In order to boost our students’ confidence, each class starts with an activity or skill that they already know. This is the past: previously mastered skills from a ribbon level they have already attained. About five minutes is spent on these skills in every class. Next, it is time to begin working on present skills. These are the new skills that students are currently trying to master. About fifteen minutes should be spent on this. The following five minutes of class is spent introducing future skills, needed to achieve their ribbon in the next level.


Small class sizes with no more than 4 students. Small class sizes increase one on one time and attention from the instructor.

Classes are once a week, year round. Year round classes yield higher retention of skills; there are no large gaps in class so there is no loss of skill levels. Many schools are moving toward a year round approach for this reason. When children take time off they lose about 50% of their skills.

No pass or fail, the swim school style of teaching allows students to progress at their own rate. Students move up to the next class level once they have mastered all the skills in the current level.

Classes are taught through layers and repetition. This way skills are remembered and retained down the road.

Lessons are 30 minutes in length. At this length kids stay interested and stimulated without getting too tired.

Swim school helps students set goals and work to achieve them.

Classes are taught for ages 6 months and up. WSS offers a Water Babies class for parents and infants.

Frequently asked questions:


Why Wave Swim School?

Wave Swim School creates a better learning and learning retention environment for all of its students. The swim school way of teaching creates repetition and layering which directly relates to retention. The more the skills are practiced and reviewed, the more information and skills are retained. We also teach with a smaller class size: a maximum of four students in each class. This allows each student more one-on-one time with their instructor. Our swim school philosophy also eliminates the pass/fail environment. Swim school allows students to move forward at their own pace. As they master skills, they will learn new ones; when they master all of the skills in their current class they will move up to the next ribbon level. Not all students learn skills at the same rate.

Why are there only four lessons per month?

Swim school has one 30 minute class each week. This allows the students to look forward and continue to enjoy class each and every time. In more intensive programs, students quickly tire of lessons, going to the pool, and doing the same skills over and over again. Our philosophy allows them to be continually stimulated by new material, but also build confidence by reviewing previously mastered skills.

How much are lessons?

Juanita - $80/month for 1x/week classes

Please call Juanita Aquatics Center for JAC for pricing details. 425-936-1627

Redmond Residents - $80/month for 1x/week classes

Non-residents - $90/month for 1x/week classes

Willows Prep - $85/month for 1x/week classes

Willows Prep Students - $72/month for 1x/week classes

Please call Redmond Pool for pricing details. 425-883-4422


Will there be an option for 2 times per week?

No, WSS's goal is to provide small amounts of information over time. In order to allow students to remain excited and engaged in swim lessons, it is our experience that once a week is the best method.

Juanita Aquatics Center 425-936-1627

Redmond Pool 425-883-4422



Do I pay a registration fee?

No, Wave Swim School does not charge a registration fee. When you register for WSS you are paying for the classes you will be attending according to our billing cycle. This may mean that if you register at the end of a month you may be paying for the end of that month and the entire following month. If you have questions please contact the office.

Redmond Pool 425-883-4422

Juanita Aquatics Center 425-936-1627


How long are lessons?

Lessons are 30 minutes in length. This allows the right amount of time for both young and novice swimmers to learn and practice skills without becoming too tired.


When do lessons start?

You will begin lessons immediately following your registration. For example, if you register on Friday for a Monday class you will start the first Monday following your class approval.


What is Wave Swim School's Make Up Policy?

Wave Swim School does have a 'no' make up policy for missed classes. This means that if you miss a class, Wave Swim School does not provide make up classes, credits, or refunds for missing class.


Will my child feel left behind if his/her class mates move up?

Most children do not feel left behind because they are in a class with other students of the same level learning the same skills, and this allows them to feel included in their class. 


How long does it take to master swimming skills?

Every child learns skills at different rates, however, each week most children are able to master new skills along with the practice of previously mastered skills.


What are the benefits of swimming?

·          Swimming is FUN!

·          Swimming is a great sport and exercise activity. In youth, swimming promotes the physical development of motor pathways, flexibility and muscular development. Also, as an activity swimming improves the cardiovascular system and overall coordination. 

·          Swimmers also learn to set goals and work to achieve them. In each class, we review, we practice and we introduce new skills. Every student works to achieve new skills so they may receive their next ribbon and move forward to the next level. 

·          Swimming also creates a great relationship with the water. This can lead to comfort and confidence in many other water related activities.

·          Swimming can provide a lifetime of fitness.

·          Your child can make new friends!​​

U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention

·           Fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1-14 years. Majority of drownings and near-drownings occur in residential swimming pools and in open water sites.

·           Children under the age of 5 and adolescents between the ages if 15-24 have the highest drowning rates.

Lessons cannot prevent drowning. However, having the ability to swim at least 25 yards and knowledge of self-rescuing techniques, children are able to better protect themselves from such risks.


When should my child start with swim school?

The sooner your child starts learning to swim, the better. We offer lessons beginning at 6 months of age and up. By offering year round lessons, this allows children of all ages at any time during the year to acquire swimming skills.


What temperature is the pool?

The pool is held between 80-82 °F


How does my child stand in the pool?

We have ‘tot docks’ which stand anywhere from 1 foot off the bottom to 2 feet off the bottom, based on need.


Can I stay and watch swim lessons?

Yes, of course. We encourage you to stay and watch. We ask that parents watch lessons from the comfort of our observation deck at Juanita Aquatic Center, and the designated area at Redmond. There will be no parents allowed on deck at either location during lessons. This allows instructors to maintain the child’s attention and teach with limited interruption.


What if my child is not potty trained?

Should your child be in lessons and not yet potty trained we ask that they wear a re-usable swim diaper.


What should my child wear?

An appropriately sized swim suit, trunks or board short. Remember the more material they wear, the more they are weighted down. We recommend students do not wear rash guards or t-shirts.


What if I want to take a break from swim lessons?

If you wish to discontinue lessons for the following month, for any reason, notice is required at least 10 days before the end of the month. This means that if you wish to stop swim lessons in May, notice is required before April 20th. All suspensions will begin on the first day of the following month. There are no mid-month suspensions.


Have questions??


Please call your administrator at Juanita Aquatics Center 425-936-1627

Please call your administrator at Redmond Pool 425-883-4422