Welcome to Our Team!!

Berzerker Swimming (BZRK) wishes to welcome you and your child to the wonderful and rewarding sport of competitive swimming. By joining the Berzerkers, your child is now a member of USA Swimming, one of the largest and most unique youth sports organizations in the world.

In addition to the obvious rewards of one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for cardiovascular and overall fitness, your child will also develop life skills such as time management, self-discipline, and sportsmanship. These benefits will be reaped long after their participation in the sport ends. Through a gradual commitment to practice, each child is taught to work hard to achieve goals. Through positive encouragement and an occasional stern push, a child will learn to push themselves toward testing their own limits each and every day. Hard work leads to achievement and success, and success is fun!! When your child is done with the sport of swimming, be they 9 or 90, we hope that he/she is a better person for having been a Berzerker.

This page of the site is designed to help parents to get acquainted with the practice to practice, meet to meet operations of the Berzerkers and USA Swimming. We hope it will explain some of our policies and a few of the general swimming concepts you need to know so that this experience can be as fun and rewarding as possible for athletes and their families. Please do not be afraid to ask questions of your coaches, board members, and other team parents. We are all here with the same goals and we are all here to help each other.

We are the Berzerkers

Berzerker Swimming (BZRK) is a part of Jasper County Aquatics, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in January 2000. We offer a guided age-group youth competitive swim program, developing athletes from the novice beginner to the elite national levels. We work with local summer and high school teams throughout the four-states area to help athletes find their best competitive level and foster the best athletic experience. Your journey with the Berzerkers will begin with a focus on preparation, and will take a natural progression toward competition only when your child is ready. We realize that every child is different, and hopefully by providing a caring, considerate, stable environment and enthusiastic, quality coaching we can allow each athlete to develop as far as their dreams, talents and efforts will take them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring all members together in one effort and purpose to achieve a consistent environment and stable program so that each athlete can reach his or her potential. We respect the systematic "process" of becoming a great swimmer, and the natural progression from the novice to elite levels of competitive swimming. We are part of a uniquely individual sport, motivated by a team concept, and dedicated to "the dream."

At Jasper County Aquatics we focus on developing the "whole athlete." We share a commitment to long term goals in USA Swimming competition. Building and maintaining a consistent work ethic, self-discipline, self-motivation, a healthy lifestyle, time management skills, goal-setting, and responsibility for our own actions and attitudes... these are the things that bring us success in our wonderful sport, and these are the skills we hope all of our athletes will carry over into their daily lives. We are the Berzerkers. We believe that if we can all come together under the same philosophy, with the same goals, we will always be successful.