Our Mission






Oaklantis is a new idea for East Oakland.

Our mission is to expand access to swimming by building a high quality and high achieving swim program that is open and affordable to all.

Here at Oaklantis we have a 'nobody turned away' policy. 

Oaklantis Swimming gives kids the chance to develop as athletes, mature into community-minded adolescents, and have the skill set to get recruited and swim in college.

We are creating a path that begins with water safety and swim lessons, and continues all the way through high school and college.

Oaklantis Swim Team provides a complete swim program:

  1. Starting with the beginner, we will teach basic water safety and provide the swimmer with skills to be "swim team ready."
  2. As swimmers continue through their high school years, Oaklantis Swim Team will teach them how to be athletes. Competing locally and nationally, we will teach swimmers how to set and achieve goals through integrity, dedication, and determination.
  3. Finally, our program strives to foster true and lasting enjoyment while participating in the sport of swimming. We provide our swimmers with the skill set and enthusiasm that will prepare them to swim in college and beyond.