Our Dolphins summer program is for swimmers in levels 401 and above as well as those on our year round competitive team. In this program swimmers will improve their skills, be intoduced into the world of competitive swimming, make friends and most importantly..... have fun!


       SUMMER SWIM TEAM 2020

June 1 - August 2, 2020

  • This program is an introduction to the world of competitive swimming
  • Enjoy the experience of competitive swimming in a fun atmosphere.
  • Focus on stroke mechanics, strength and fitness
  • Perfect for your swimmer to experience competition.
  • Competitions with- in our own Life Time League 
  • Program Fee: $280.00

Kick-Off Party: Friday June 7

Practice begins: Monday June 1 - Friday June 22 (M-W-F)

                           8 & Under   6pm-7pm

                       9 & Over    7pm-8pm

                         Monday June 22 - Friday August 2 (M - F)

                          All ages 10:00am- 11:00am. Swimmers in Life Time Camp can be transported to the pool

                          8 & Under  6pm-7pm

                          9 & Over    7pm-8pm


Swim Meet Participation

An athlete's swim meet participation is based on age and the event they are swimming. Each swimmer is divided into age-classified categories beginning at 6.

The categories are as follows:

6 & under





15 & Over

All relays are put together based on the athletes age and speed. An athlete may be asked to swim in a higher age bracket to benefit the team.