Hideaway Swim Club is a member of the Colonial Swim League (CSL). The CSL is a summer swim club league comprised of 7 teams from swim clubs in Montgomery and Bucks Counties and offers combined team competition for both boys and girls in both swimming and diving.  Each competitor from all of the swim clubs must be full-dues paying members.  That is, per our constitution, we do not allow clubs who offer swim team only memberships to compete in our league.

The season generally runs from the 3rd week of June through the end of July and consists of 6 dual meets, various invitational meets, and concludes with championship meets.  Dual meets are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays.  Check the calendar for specific dates.  In order for one to participate in the season-ending championship meets they must compete in at least 3 dual meets.

The cost is $150 for your first child and $75 per child after that.  Well worth the money given the number of practices, meets, and other activities offered during the season.




Swimming Practice and Training

Practices start after school the Tuesday following Memorial Day.  During the 2nd or 3rd week of June when schools wrap up, practices transition to the morning although we try to still offer a few evening practices to those who cannot attend the morning practices at this time. 

Typically practices are held Monday through Friday.  While schools are still in session we will have various practice sessions that run between the hours of 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm.  That is, your child will NOT be practicing from 3:30 until 7:00 pm but depending on one’s age group will be practicing anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  During the first week(s) of the season, coaches will evaluate each swimmer and assign them a swim group that they believe will provide your child with the most benefit.  Check the Calendar for specific times. 

We have an excellent coaching staff that combines their expertise and experience to motivate and challenge swimmers to reach their potential in the sport of swimming.  Practices will be designed to challenge each swimmer with a workout planned to extend their capabilities.  Emphasis will be placed on stroke mechanics and cardiovascular fitness.  Drills will be designed to improve the level of proficiency and the stroke mechanics of each swimmer.  Summer swim season is a very short season so, in order to improve to any degree, the coaches recommend that swimmers attend as many practices that they can during the week with a minimum of at least 3 practice sessions per week.

Summer swimming is a roller-coaster ride!  The season is very short as compared to winter swimming but requires a commitment from both child and parent in order for it to be successful.  We try to pack a lot of stuff in a very short time including fun activities for the kid during the season and just like a roller coaster ride – it’s over before you know it!




Diving Practice and Training

Diving is part of our Swim and Dive team at Hideaway.  Divers practice and compete during the same time frame as our swimmers.  Diving takes discipline, a good work ethic and the willingness to practice.  We are here to help your child learn more about diving and what they are capable of in this sport.  Diving can be a scary sport for both child and parent.  Please know that our first concern is your child’s safety.  Gymnastics is a good lead-in sport to diving.  A lot of the same body mechanics are utilized.  Other sports lend well to diving as well, though you may not consider them to… soccer, for example, helps us to know which leg is strongest to kick up in a hurdle and ballet could help us to know the natural twisting direction of a child.  So, while you might not have thought your child had experience with diving, he or she may have some hidden talents for this sport.