Asheville Swim Club

As Asheville Swim Club turns its eyes towards the future and continues to build and harness a strong team culture, it is important that the team's mission accurately reflects its goals. Without guidance, it is difficult to establish boundaries for the appropriate course of actions.  The mission statement provides the basis for evaluating the success of our club and its programs.  It helps to verify the course ASC is taking and provides direction when the club faces new challenges or opportunities.  Attention to our mission helps leadership and members adhere to our primary purpose while serving as a touchstone for countless decisions.  At Asheville Swim Club, we’re about swimming fast, setting and accomplishing goals, and developing members to reach their full potential in and out of the pool.  As the team grows, it is critical that our team's mission is outlined clearly. 


 “Asheville Swim Club seeks to have a nationally recognized aquatics program that develops and trains all levels of swimmers, emphasizing individual progress, team unity, and family participation. Through the sport of swimming, it is the mission of this team to empower members to be champions in and out of the water for a lifetime.”


It’s the goal of ASC to help your athlete grow into a strong, well rounded individual while realizing their success in the pool.  The team looks to instill and cultivate the character traits of champions in each athlete.  Ambition, Integrity, Self-Discipline, Self-Improvement, and Teamwork are the cornerstone of this philosophy.  They are qualities that can be carried for a lifetime.  By valuing these character traits and keeping our mission statement steadfast, the team looks forward to continued success in and out of the pool.