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TTST Competitive Teams
We have 3 clearly delineated time achievement teams at TTST.  This helps swimmers know what they have achieved.  It puts meaning on the various Time standards out in USA Swimming and emphises long term commitment to swimming by highlighting Senior Swimming progression times.  Finally it should help parents and swimmers know what upcoming championship meets on our event calendar a swimmer will likely be qualified for. The 3 teams are TTST Age Group All-Stars, TTST Senior Team, and TTST National Team.  
TTST Age Group All-Stars
Novice and beginning Regional swimmers of TTST will be looking toward getting their first Sierra Nevada Swimming Junior Olympics Time standard.  Once a JO time is acquired all active TTST swimmers with this achievement or a faster time up to just short of the Sierra Nevada JR+Senior Time will hold the title of TTST Age Group All-Star!  
TTST Age Group All-Stars will be looking to make their first of 3 Senior Times:
(Sierra Nevada SR+ Time) Most famous is the Summer Sanders Meet, June
(Senior Western Zones Time) Annual LCM meet in Clovis, CA, end July/early August
TTST Senior Team Swimmers will be looking to make and then go faster than the CA/NV Sectional time to be on the TTST National Team!  Here are the different levels from easiest to hardest on the National Team time standards:
CA/NV Sectional Times (CA/NV Sectional Meets in the fall, winter, spring and summer)  
Futures Times (This has only been one meet annually LCM in July/ early August)
Winter JR Nationals (Annually in December)
Summer JR Nationals (Annually in LCM only July/ early August)
Winter Nationals (Annually in December)
Summer Nationals (Annually in July also stands as Olympic Trails times every 4th year)
All three teams are objectively set by a times standard that can be found at Sierra Nevada Swimming or by clicking the links above.  You may also ask me and I will email you a document with all the times.  Once qualified for a TTST team you can NOT move down only up!