2021 Sponsors & Partners

Our Philosophy

The Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL), founded in 1956, has adopted the following mission statement: To develop in the children affected by this program – a love for the sport, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork and the principles of good sportsmanship.

On the Riptide team, personal development is what is most important and for a swimmer that means improving your times. We believe that by establishing a healthy environment that encourages the kids to do their best, recognizes their contributions and is fun for the entire family, we will have met our goals. To keep focused on improvement, our team has a Wall of Stars near the diving well that has each child's name and a star for each time a swimmer achieves a personal best time in any stroke. At the end of the season, both A and B meet swimmers with the most stars will be recognized.

We've all taken our kids to soccer or other sports and probably stood by as two or three parents ran the team. In fact, it takes over 450 different parent activities over the course of our season to time, officiate, score a typical swim meet, perform pool set up and tear down, running concessions or doing non-swimming team activities.

Swimming is unique in that there's a place on the team for anyone eighteen or younger who can swim across the pool without assistance. How many other sports have kids five years old to eighteen years old and their parents on the same team participating in the same competition?

Virginia Run Pool and Swim Team Membership

The Virginia Run Community Association owns the facility that we use, and the Virginia Run Swim Team members are limited to those who live in Virginia Run and pay association dues. The funds to meet our team’s expenses come through registration fees, concession sales, vending machine sales, clothing sales and the yearly $3500 Community donation (thank you Community Board of Trustee members!).

The Virginia Run Swim Team is not a swim lesson program, and for safety reasons, all swimmers must be able to swim a length of the pool to join the team. Stroke technique will be taught in a group setting, and we'll help your swimmer become a better swimmer.

The Swim Team is governed by the By Laws (a copy is available by request) that requires a minimum of 5 Board members (Administrator, Secretary, Treasurer and at least 2 other members). The current Swim Team Board encourages parent representation on the Board. This way, the tasks of the team are shared, and future leaders of our team are developed as current leaders and their children leave the team. Currently, our team has about 20 Board positions of which all are filled. Elections for Board Members are held at the October Annual Meeting and a person’s term lasts for 2 years. Each registered family gets one vote for each open position. If you are interested in being a board member and want to make your voice heard about the direction of the team or have new ideas, talk to any current member concerning opportunities.