Weatherstone Sharks Swim Team FAQS
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Q: My child has never swum on a team before – can he/she try it out before we commit for the summer?

A: Yes! Please sign up, and attend the evaluation. There are a lot of kids who are nervous about the swim meets and the coaches can help. If plans change or it is not a good fit, please let us know so we can take you off the distribution list.

Q: My child is just learning to swim (6 and under) – can he/she be on the swim team?
A: Please sign him/her up, regardless of their abilities! All new and young swimmers are able to use the first two weeks of practice on a trial basis, to see how they are progressing.

Q: Do you offer swim lessons?
A: Swim lessons are available with coaches – just set-up with your coach, all rates for swim lessons are the same regardless of the coach selected.

Q: What equipment is required for swim team?
A: Swimmers are encouraged to wear a team swim suit to the swim meets. Team suit information is available on the website. Suit information is available on the website ( .)  You will receive a swim cap with team registration.  If your child prefer to wear a swim cap, it must be the team swim cap. Your child may also need goggles.

Q: When is the best time for me to talk to the coaches?
A: The best time to speak with coaches is any time outside practice and swim meet times. You can also connect with coaches via email and schedule some time with them.

Q: What is expected of the parents?
A: In addition to getting your swimmer to practice on time and on a regular basis, please make sure you communicate with the coaches and respond to sign-ups and e-mail requests. This is especially important as we try to manage a growing team. Parents are also expected to volunteer to help at swim meets and attend a kick-off meeting with the coaches at the beginning of the season.

Swim Meets

Q: What if we go on vacation or my swimmer goes to camp?
A: Please declare your attendance via the website. There are many kids who miss a week of practice or a meet for camp or vacation and as your declare your attendance, going to camp or on vacation during the season is no reason not to sign up.

Q: How many swim meets is my child expected to attend?
A: We appreciate having as many swimmers as possible at the meets and it is a great experience for the kids, however we do not mandate the amount of meets.

Q: Is my child expected to stay until the end of meets?
A: The actual meets run about three hours, with warm-ups starting 30 minutes before the meet starts. Swimmers are encouraged to stay until the end of the meet and support the rest of the team, however “6 and Under” swimmers are usually able to leave after their last race, about half-way through the meet. As a practical matter, some swimmers do leave after their last race, especially the younger ones. But please let the coaches know if you are leaving as they sometimes need to fill spots on the last relay.

Q: What should I bring to the meet?
A: There is downtime for swimmers between events at a meet. Please bring things to help your kids pass the time (cards, coloring). Some kids like a blanket to sit on, and some kids go through multiple towels (warm-ups, and after each event they swim). You also should bring chairs to sit on and money for concessions.

Q: Is there food at the meets?
A: There is generally some sort of food for sale at the meets (some clubs have a formal snack bar, others will set something up for the meet), and most parents also bring snacks/drinks that are a good fit for their kids. For home meets we will share the concessions that will be available via the weekly sharks email.

Q: Why do I need to declare attendance for a meet?
A: Coaches spend several hours preparing for the meet. If you do not sign up but do show up, every effort will be made to add your child to a heat. If you sign up but do not show up, it is very frustrating for the coaches and volunteers and may even add to the length of the meet. It is also difficult for the kid pusher volunteers to know if they are missing a swimmer or not.

Q: What if we have a change of plans?
A: Please declare via the website before the Friday prior to the meet. It is easier to cross someone out than to have people not indicate whether they can come one way or the other. If it is last minute, such as a sick child, please contact the coaches directly.

Q: What am I required to do at meets?
A: We rely on volunteers to run the meets. No experience is necessary, and there are several volunteer positions that are set-up for shorter shift times. The mock meet is a great way to learn some of the roles in advance of the meet.

Social Events

Q: Does the team have any other activities besides practice and meets?
A: Yes! The team has an open house, a kick-off party and an end of season party. In addition, after each home meet, the team usually meets for ice-cream at Goodberrys. At away meets there will be a PA announcement sharing the location for the after-meet icecream social. This is a great way to meet the other team members and their families.

More Information

Q: How do I get more information?
A: Check the website ( ), attend the Parent Meeting at the kick off party, or contact a Swim Team Board member at a practice or meet.

Swim Board Members:

Benton Satterfield

[email protected]

Steve Sims

[email protected]

Megan Hepp

[email protected]

Heather Whelehan

[email protected]

Stephen Boughton

[email protected]

Natalie Osborn

[email protected]