The Blue Dolphins Swim team is a recreational Summer swim team.   We provide a way for youth in the Waynesville Area to socialize and have fun over the Summer months while promoting good sportsmanship, individual integrity and team play.  Registration is $70 per child. Practice startes Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 at the Five Seasons Swim Club at 4242 Clyo Rd, Dayton, OH 45440. What this means to you is: 

  • We may not always swim the fastest swimmers at every meet.   We have asked the coaches to have a good mix of swimmers at each meet.    If you are interested in a higher level of competition, we have numerous families involved with YMCA or USA swim programs who can provide additional information.  

  • We are not a substitute for a lessons program.   We can and do help novice swimmers grow in skill and confidence.  However, we do expect that every swimmer should at least be able to swim most of the length of the pool on their own before they join the team.  If you are looking for a lesson program we suggest you try the private lesson program at the YMCA or we can recommend some other private lessons.   Unfortunately, our time in the water is very limited and very costly and our coaches do not have the time for individual instruction with non-swimmers.