About TAC

Our History

Tidewater Aquatic Club (TAC) was founded in March 1994, as a parent-run, year-round swim team. TAC is a tax exempt, non-profit USA Swimming sanctioned team for swimmers ages of five (5) and up. It dedicates itself to the personal development of each team member towards their personal goals, woven into a vibrant set of shared team goals. TAC's parent board is responsible for the governance of the team, setting its mission, vision, and goals. The head coach manages and directs the operations of the team to meet those visions and goals for TAC's competitive swim program.

Our Coaching Staff offers over 75+ years combined experience from Novice to National Champions and an Olympic Participant. It's our pledge to provide a positive environment where your child receives psychological and emotional support.

• Help each child to be the best that they can be

• Foster the ideals of sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, and fair play

• Help our swimmers achieve a life-long approach to the values of healthy minds and bodies


Our Mission

Swimmers, parents and coaches thinking and acting like champions.


Our Purpose

We dedicate ourselves to providing a fun, well-disciplined environment of excellence for our swimmers. We support the team’s growth by offering continuing education for both the best coaches and a supportive parent group.


Our Vision

TAC's Vision is to provide a fun and safe environment focused on competitive swimming that enables all swimmers to grow in character, knowledge and physical ability, to learn life-long healthy habits and to fulfill their athletic potential.


Our Guiding Principles

Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Good Sportsmanship, Pride, Spirit, and Belief in the Team and Oneself are our Core Values.

Our Financial resources are limited. To achieve our vision, we must work as a team, encouraging each other to do his or her best for the team.

Discrimination in any form is contrary to our values and guiding principles. Advancement and recognition, both individually and as a team, are based on contribution to the team without regard to ethnic origin or personal beliefs. Everyone has something of value to contribute.

Continuous improvement is essential to our individual and team success. We will, as teamplayers, strive for a quality swim team in all that we do. Although we may fall short at times, we will never accept mediocrity and will learn from our mistakes.

The Tidewater Aquatic Club is made up of teammates, coaches, families and friends who believe in the charter and guiding principles governing the actions of our team for the benefit of all. This is our Team!