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About Us

About Us

Conejo Simi Swim Clubs is a USA Swimming member club. Thank you for your interest in visiting our website. This page is designed to provide you with an introduction to our swimming programs.

Mission Statement

  • Develop Discipline, abilities, and character in our student athletes through competitive swimming.


  • To be a competitive swim club that promotes personal and team achievement through quality coaching and dedicated parental support.


  • Provide opportunities for each athlete to be challenged and to experience individual success.
  • Nurture a child’s love of swimming to a lifetime of interest in sport and fitness.
  • Use the lessons from training, competition, and teamwork in swimming to develop self-esteem, leadership, and life skills in athletes.
  • Promote an inclusive, supportive family oriented organization.
  • Teach athletes the value of maintaining a healthy mind and body through commitment to an active life style.
  • Provide a safe, enjoyable social experience.
  • Teach swimmers to value and respect the experience of competition and the value of sportsmanship.
  • Embrace the belief that the skills and habits learned in a positive sporting environment transfer to future success in school and the workplace.
  • Embrace the value of excellence in competitive swimming.
  • Acknowledge the contributions of others in the accomplishments of individual athletes.
  • Develop a highly competitive team that excels at all levels of competition.
  • Treat each member of the team as an individual who is worthy of respect.
  • Cooperate and partner with local leaders and others in the swimming community in promoting the sport of swimming.
  • Encourage athletes to continue their education and swimming career in college.

Swimming is fun! Learning to swim effectively is smart! Swimming is an Olympic sport.

The Olympics are a celebration of enthusiasm and acquired skill. Club swimming combines these valuable experiences as no other sport can.

Each successful swimming club embraces these values and organizes programs to promote the finest, shared experience in the world for girls and boys during their growth and development years – club swimming. CSSC hopes that your interest in a swimming experience for your children will include our swimming programs.

Learning to swim is good for life-long fitness and saves lives.

Learning to swim fast is exciting.

CSSC offers professional coaching for each group level. CSSC, like other successful swimming clubs, employs professional staff, organizes groups into ranges of competence and teaches propulsion-based skills.

For thirty-eight years CSSC has been committed to developing aquatic programs to teach the art forms of swimming, training the swimming athlete for life long fitness and performance opportunities for the student-athlete during the growth and development years.

Learning the propulsion skills of fast swimming is exciting, intrinsically rewarding and can lead to higher educational opportunities and employment for the student-athlete.

CSSC has many programs to choose from. Please go Swim Programs for details on these programs.  Additional reference information can be obtained about CSSC from the http://www.usaswimming.org website.

A positive approach to training is required with a good attitude toward teammates.


P.O. Box 1819 Thousand Oaks, California 91360