Team Info


FOBY Philosophy

The FOBY Swim team exists solely on the strength and character of its swimmers. Each member of the team must believe that no one swimmer is bigger than the team as a whole. We recognize that by coming to practice prepared to do our best we are setting ourselves up for success. The rewards for our dedication can be measured not only by our results in the pool, but by the self-confidence, discipline and time management skills that come through hard work.


Mission Statement

It is our goal for every level of our team to build a love of the sport. The swimmer that enjoys the challenges associated with the demands of hard work will be successful both in and out of the pool. There are no shortcuts; consistent and persistent effort is a pre-requisite for achievement in swimming. Every athlete is different, individual success is not always indicative of the amount of effort put forth. The process of setting and achieving goals allows us to grow as individuals and helps swimmers learn to take responsibility for their actions. Technique and drills will be stressed in practice to improve all strokes. Practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice does yield improvement.

The coaches will set the tone for a safe, challenging and motivating environment by continually learning and striving for improvement. The same demands that we make of our swimmers: attendance, attention to detail, accountability and a positive attitude are standards to which we also hold ourselves.

The values of the YMCA: honesty, caring, respect and responsibility will be instilled upon individuals via our commitment to sport and fitness. Through dedication to youth development our goal is to not only have all swimmers achieve success and reach their goals in the pool, but also to become individuals who contribute positively to the community. 



Coaching Staff