Welcome to Chadwick Swim Club!

Last year, we had an amazing recruiting season with some of our members inviting new members to join and learn to love Chadwick! Thank you to all of you! Fortunately for us, some of those new members are bringing on others. Keep it up.

We remain committed to positive membership growth and beautification of the surrounding grounds. As an overall membership, we should not relax on our recent success act as stewards of this community asset, it is incumbent upon us to remain focused on growing our membership and to deliver safe and enjoyable experiences to all or our members and guests.

Finally, we strive to organize and create a fun and family atmosphere and are creating and reintroducing some fun events for our season! Adult night, Pig Roast, and the Trivia night! We hope to have some fun in the off-season as well.

See you at the pool!
Chadwick Board of Directors