NTC Aquatics is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and positive environment for all of its members. It is the goal of NTC Aquatics to provide a challenging and positive teaching and training environment in which swimmers can develop a sense of self-esteem and pride through individual and team achievement. We are additionally committed to excellence in performance and will continue to strive to be the competitive leader in regional, national, and international competitions.

Our team can only be successful if everyone is an active member and participates in all activities. We expect families to volunteer their time, energy and talents on behalf of the team.


NTC Aquatics will provide every member a safe, healthy, and positive environment to pursue excellence in life via a unique skill based athletic program that provides education, training and guidance towards attaining their goals and objectives.


NTC Aquatics is committed to establishing a supportive environment for athletes, parents and coaches. Leadership and resources will be provided for various programs while maintaining open communication.

Every swimmer is an important team member who will be provided the opportunity to develop self confidence, discipline, goal setting and time management skills that will be used for the rest of their lives.

We will train and compete with a positive outlook in a fun environment while developing friendships and team spirit  which will continue to build our NTC Aquatics tradition of excellence.




  • As a USA Swimming (USA-S) team and in full support and in accordance with the objectives of USA Swimming, NTC Aquatics promotes the ideals of integrity and fairness, positive environment, safety, leadership, excellence, innovation and creativity.       
  • We provide professional instruction in skills associated with competitive swimming.        
  • We provide an environment to encourage the full development and participation of all swimmers with the focus on realizing maximum individual potential at a pace appropriate for each individual.
  • Through participation with our program, swimmers will be taught personal responsibility and accountability, sportsmanship and citizenship through positive reinforcement and recognition of the individual's pursuit towards accomplishing defined goals.
  • Provide a well-educated and professional coaching/teaching staff whose interest is in the development of the team and the individual swimmer.
  • Promote family and community support and involvement in competitive swimming.
  • Provide opportunities for swimmers at all levels to participate in competitions and other club oriented activities.
  • Through training excellence, focus and direction provided by its coaching professionals, our swim team is committed to excellence in competition, both individually and as a team, at the highest level: regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Creating a positive environment where excellence is inevitable.

The NTC Aquatics coaching staff and club administrators are firmly committed to the philosophy and objectives of the program. We expect each parent and swimmer to understand and adhere to these principles and objectives and encourage every member to strive toward building the strongest team possible, both individually and as a unit.


NTC Aquatics is a non-profit organization. We derive our funds from membership dues, fundraising events and sponsorship. We spend these funds primarily on coaching costs, equipment, and social functions for the swimmers. We sponsor social events to provide a social atmosphere outside the pool environment.


NTC Aquatics is a member of Florida Swimming (FL), which in turn is a subdivision of USA Swimming.

USA Swimming is the National Governing Body (NGB) for amateur competitive swimming in the USA. USA Swimming is responsible for the selection of USA National Teams, which compete at the Olympic and World Championships as well as other international competition.

NTC Aquatics compete in meets at all levels of the USA Swimming program, both regionally and nationally. Part of the commitment of NTC Aquatics is to develop national and international level swimmers.